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Running Tools

I’ve often heard people say that running is the cheapest sport you can participate in since you only need a pair of shoes and yourself. However, you can make any sport expensive, and if you run with your dogs, like … Continue reading

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What I Do To Make An Actual Living

Much as I’d like to be independently wealthy and tinker about on WordPress for one of my fabulously indulgent hobbies it simply isn’t the case. Like the vast majority of the world I need a job to fund things like … Continue reading

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Quick Update

I realize that people have probably chosen to follow my blog for a variety of reasons, but there’s no way to stay on top of all of them simultaneously. At the moment I am re-reading a wonderful indie fantasy novel … Continue reading

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Ever felt like a “Misfit”?

Misfits is a 4 season 29 episode original series produced by video streaming service Hulu. It follows 5 juvenile offenders in the UK; Kelly, Nathan, Curtis, Alisha and Simon, who develop strange abilities after a freak electrical hail storm. Each … Continue reading

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Loving My Civic Duty

I belong to a 1%. No, I am not part of the amazingly wealthy contingent of Americans who can spend millions without batting an eye (I would just pay someone to make me a blog if I were!). I am … Continue reading

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Misadventures in Cooking

Because of my various dietary restrictions as well as budgetary reasons I have to prepare almost all of my meals from scratch. Certain components like pasta or pasta sauce can be purchased, but I have to scour the ingredients list … Continue reading

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Identity Thief Review

Identity Thief is the second original graphic novel produced by Fanboy Comics, the creative team behind the horror comic, Something Animal. Bryant Dillon wrote the story for this piece, and Meghan O’Keefe provided the artwork that brings the story to … Continue reading

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