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“All Girls are Born Princesses?”

I was watching anime last night, and the sentence “All girls are born princesses” floated across the screen in an almost humourously out of context scene (the show is pretty dark and gothic overall). While anime/manga shouldn’t be held as … Continue reading

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One Day to Freedom!

I whined last week about the difficulty of dealing with having one dog on cage rest in a multi-dog household, but an exciting day is nigh! Tomorrow Akane will go free as the four weeks of cage rest will have … Continue reading

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A Slight Departure from the Usual Topics

My life has been pretty complicated for the past several weeks due to Akane, the dog above, being on four weeks of cage/crate rest after somehow injuring her neck. We are down to about a week left, and she and … Continue reading

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The Problem with Magical Girl Shows

As my Facebook friends have probably surmised I’ve been heavily binging on a cute magical girl (mahou shoujo) anime series called “Shugo Chara” over the past few weeks. Despite being a 7 volume manga with an additional 5 volumes added … Continue reading

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Unpatriotic? Why I Hate The 4th of July

Apparently, the new WordPress set up ate my entire post. Grrr. The two days of the year I loathe more than any others are New Year’s Eve and the Fourth of July. While other more carefree folks see the days … Continue reading

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