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Suddenly Three: Perdita Scaife January 21, 2002 (approximate) to February 24/25, 2015

Exactly a month after Akane’s death I received the unwelcome news that something was seriously wrong with Perdy, my dobie/greyhound girl who had been Akane’s archnemesis in life (I had to keep them separated their entire lives because of how … Continue reading

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Bound by Bliss by Lavinia Kent Book Review

Bound by Bliss is the third installment and second full novel in Lavinia Kent’s intensely erotic historical BSDM series that started with Mastering the Marquess. Lady Bliss Danser would prefer to never marry and avoid the pain caused by love. … Continue reading

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So You’ve Tried To Cripple Yourself Through Exercise…

Yesterday morning I got some of the worst news a runner can get; I had developed plantar fasciitis, probably because I increased my running after the start of the year (I was up to about 18-20 miles a week). ¬†Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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Flamingos of Love?

The holiday displays have come down for the season at most of the houses along my dog walking route (I no longer count the illuminated metal cactus as a holiday display since the owners turn the lights on year round), … Continue reading

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It’s been another one of those weeks…

While I’ve spoken openly about dealing with Perdy’s probable cancer (she has three masses in her liver, one in her spleen, and one taking up half of her right kidney) on Facebook I hadn’t put anything here as if keeping … Continue reading

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