Identity Thief Review

Identity Thief is the second original graphic novel produced by Fanboy Comics, the creative team behind the horror comic, Something Animal. Bryant Dillon wrote the story for this piece, and Meghan O’Keefe provided the artwork that brings the story to life.

The 2012 offering follows young couple Craig and Daphne as they try to build a life together in a small California apartment. Craig is fleeing from a checkered past and hopes his cross country move will allow him to build a better life. However, something lurks inside the strange hatch in the apartment’s closet, and it’s not content to let Craig and Daphne’s world stay on a simple course.

Identity Thief falls in a less ambiguous territory than Something Animal in my opinion simply because there is a clear delineation that the creature in the closet is very “other.” I personally also respond better to this type of creepy, tension building story telling better than plots where I need to provide several pieces myself. While Identity Thief doesn’t spoonfeed its readers the progression of the relationship between Craig and the strange being seems very clear. The final pages simply provide a climax for a foregone conclusion.

O’Keefe’s artwork pairs well with Dillon’s dark story, and she predominantly uses blues, whites, and shades of black/grey. The splashes of other colours and photography draw the reader’s eye to the focal point of the page, and, for me, the sudden change of palette heightened the stress of the sequences.

I wholeheartedly recommend Identity Thief to anyone who enjoys classic horror tales of creepy things lurking in shadowed corners. It has chills, shocks, and all manner of things to please.

5 Mysterious Drawings out of 5

Identity Thief is available via the Fanboy Comics Web Store.


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One Response to Identity Thief Review

  1. Bryant says:

    Thank you so much for the glowing review, Jodi! I’m so glad you enjoyed ‘Identity Thief.’

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