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Portia and Roscoe — The First Thanksgiving

I always went home to Aunt Jo’s for Thanksgiving since there was no way I was cooking a turkey for just myself. Alena’s mother, “Aunt” Trixie, always invited us to her home for a traditional feast in exchange for a … Continue reading

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Thoughts on The Hunger Games: Catching Fire movie and Allegiant (final book in the Divergent trilogy)

Rather than doing full reviews for either of these (there are plenty of wonderful reviews of both available on fan sites for The Hunger Games and Divergent) I simply want to express my thoughts about both without having to analyze … Continue reading

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Allegories of the Tarot Review, Blog Tour Stop, and Giveaway

Portions of this post are repeats from my review of Allegories of the Tarot from October 31, 2013. However, there is a Rafflecopter giveaway at the end, so please read through! Allegories of the Tarot is exactly what it sounds … Continue reading

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Winter Weather is Visiting!

It’s ridiculous how happy I get when the weather gets nippy in Central Texas. It’s a pleasant change from the unrelenting heat of summer, and I finally start feeling like the holidays are coming. Thanksgiving is just around the corner, … Continue reading

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Circle of Fire by Keri Arthur Review

The hardest type of book to review is one that leaves the reader feeling neutral because there are no strong emotions to tap into to sway other readers to your side. Oddly enough I love paranormal romance and urban fantasy, … Continue reading

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Pirate Vishnu by Gigi Pandian Review

Have you been looking for a light, entertaining mystery novel to read during your lunch break or whenever you need to be swept away from your life for a little while? Gigi Pandian’s second Jaya Jones novel, Pirate Vishnu may … Continue reading

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I’ve Found a Viable Coffee Alternative!

I’d heard of herbal coffee before, but I chalked it up as a less than satisfactory alternative when real coffee was available. I didn’t want something without caffeine because it was a big motivator behind drinking coffee, so I pushed … Continue reading

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