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Kids at the Movie Theater or WHY THE F*CK IS YOUR 4-6 YEAR OLD AT ‘MOCKINGJAY PART 2’?!?

  I am not a parent, but I can still acknowledge that parents don’t always get to go places alone, even when they might want some adult time. As a result I sometimes see children in restaurants and events that … Continue reading

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Even so, I’m not giving up on you…

Originally posted on Change the game…:
I saw your post on Facebook.  The one where you were trying to get people to sign the petition  to “stop the immigration”. Wow.  How do I respond to this? Well, I guess I…

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Does two shows make me a metal head?

In the past month or so I’ve attended two shows at Austin 6th Street venue, Dirty Dog. I even broke my rules about making sure I get enough sleep on work nights and went to a Thursday night show that … Continue reading

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Nothing Today

My parents’ dog, Krista, was diagnosed with probable cancer this week, so I don’t really have a fun blog post in me this week. Hopefully, I’ll have something to share by mid-week.     Krista is the pretty red and white … Continue reading

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Tombstones and ghosts and lost dogs, oh my!

My holiday weekend has been full of all sorts of excitement and new experiences (okay, I stayed home Friday night and watched horror flicks, but it was still good). Unfortunately, the Oakwood Cemetery tour (the annual Murder, Mayhem, and Misadventure … Continue reading

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