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Anatomy of a Sunday

With all my animals even my weekends are on a pretty tight schedule, at least when it comes to getting up! However, there are some variations depending on weather, what I need to get done, and whether or not I … Continue reading

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15 Minutes of Fame

I think that at the tender age of thirty-five I may have already gotten my fifteen minutes of fame thanks to the support and pleasure of the folks over at 7 Robots for my review of their graphic novel, Super … Continue reading

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Worth A Thousand Words

Finding the right photo for writings that I post online can be tough. It’s easy enough when I’m doing a review for something because I can ask the creators ahead of time for permission to utilize cover artwork or even … Continue reading

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Autumnal Envy

As I’ve said before Central Texas has two seasons: burning and almost not burning, so I scoff and roll my eyes when I hear ads talking about how a chill is in the air and the leaves changing to usher … Continue reading

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Adventures in Sugar Waxing or How I Ended up With Sugar Syrup Coating My Legs

I really hate shaving. It’s a combination of having been a serious swimmer during my early teen years, so I only shaved for big meets and being cursed with genetics that include healthy hair growth on the extremities. No, it’s … Continue reading

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My Thoughts on The Walking Dead Season 3 Finale

Most people who care about the AMC TV series The Walking Dead have probably seen and discussed the season 3 finale ad nauseum. However, since I don’t have AMC or utilize streaming services at home, I just finished watching the … Continue reading

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Portia and Roscoe — A Story of a Girl and Her Dog Part III

Today’s installment of Portia and Roscoe is dedicated to a shelter friend of mine who lost her husband this past week. Dave struggled with lung cancer as well as a host of chronic ailments, and he finally transitioned Thursday evening. … Continue reading

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