Skin Crawling Comics Anthology Preview “Hoard” Review

Skin Crawling Comics Anthology is a crowd funded horror anthology that tries to resurrect the lost art of horror that uses setting, situation, and tension to create fear rather than resorting to meaningless violence and gore to make a scenario frightening.

To support the ongoing Indiegogo campaign Skin Crawling Comics released one  story, “Hoard,” via Fanboy Comics on August 14, 2013. “Hoard” is written by Skin Crawling Comics’ editor Rachel Pandich (Womanthology: Heroic, Aspire) and drawn by artist Ashley Lanni.

“Hoard” is a simple story about a young woman named Ani whose mother passes away when the mass of junk in her decrepit home collapses the  building on top of her. When Ani deals with cleaning up her mother’s hoard she unexpectedly learns that hoarding is more than an illness.

The story may be simple, but it helps turn hoarding into something darker and sadder than it even is in reality. Lanni’s soft art style suits the subject matter well, and although the colour palette contains a variety of shades I had the impression that everything surrounding Ani’s mother’s house was muted shades of grey and brown. The effect created a soothing atmosphere which sucked me in until the final shocking panels. My only personal issue is that the story seemed a little too slow paced in places. However, I appreciated the slow burn by the end.

I highly recommend Skin Crawling Comics Anthology to anyone who enjoys classic horror that only employs gore when it fits the story matter.  It is an amazing compilation of talented writers and artists creating a work of love.  To contribute to the ongoing campaign, check out the Indiegogo link above.

And watch out for the teddy bear! You’ve never seen cute be so creepy!

4.5 Ragged Rabbits out of 5


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