Loving My Civic Duty

I belong to a 1%. No, I am not part of the amazingly wealthy contingent of Americans who can spend millions without batting an eye (I would just pay someone to make me a blog if I were!). I am part of the 1% of Americans, if that many, who genuinely enjoy jury duty. 

I find the legal system interesting, and the only way I can actively participate is by being on a jury.  I also enjoy the process of piecing together the truth of a case based on what is presented in court. I even think that voir dire (jury selection) is somewhat fascinating because you can learn as much about a case based on what the attorneys don’t tell you in the questions and summaries as what they do. 

I’m in my mid-30s, and I have managed to be called for jury duty twice.  I really wanted to be seated the first time because it was a criminal felony 3 case, but I was cut from the jury. I’m sure I seemed way too eager, which is not necessarily a good thing. I did get seated on my second pass, but it was a DUI case, which was much less fascinating. However, I look back on it as a positive experience.  Of course, it helps that my jury duty was only a day and a half.  I might have been less positive if I’d been seated on a grand jury or criminal case with death penalty potential. I would have been riveted though!

Perhaps my love of true crime and forensics has bled over into a desire to do my part in the process. Alas my DUI trial was in the last couple of years, so I’m not eligible to be pulled again in Travis County until the 2 year period has expired.



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