The Exhaustion of Being an Extroverted Introvert


I love people (well most of them), and when I like someone being around them and interacting with them brings out a sarcastically funny, engaging individual who can be the life of any situation. Sure, her humour is often pretty off-colour, and she isn’t always the most tactful or tasteful personality (you probably wouldn’t take her to meet your mom unless your mom is very progressive). However, if I like someone but don’t really know them that well interacting with them is also extremely draining. I can play an extrovert very well, but it saps my reserves dreadfully until I reach a point where I crash dramatically. Unfortunately, I hit this point at work today.

I genuinely like my co-workers, but sharing an office and constantly having people around me subtly taps into my energy. It’s unreasonable to expect a regular office environment to not have any human interaction, but I haven’t been practicing enough self-care in letting myself reset. Admittedly, I’ve been working six days a week since I started, and I’ve had other events on Sundays that involve being around people. Yoga is great for me, but it’s partially social, and after class I’ve been going to my parents’ house to see them and help Dad with office stuff. This schedule has translated into having very little time for myself, and I need to fix this. A few hours at night watching TV isn’t enough. I crashed at work recently for a variety of reasons, but a big one is emotional exhaustion from interaction. To the Introvert Cave for transformation into HERMIT WOMAN!

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In lieu of a post…

New Cat Room! 


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I’m Not Dead — Year Two Cap10K Recap

Post Race Selfie Cap10K 2015

Sure, the photo above isn’t the most flattering one, especially with the ambient humidity, but it’s proof that I finished this year’s Cap10K because I look sweaty, worn out, and just ready to sit down. It’s been a rough running year for me for a variety of reasons. I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis in February, and I took off about six weeks because I was so frightened that my left foot would become so painful I could barely walk. I haven’t run more than four miles since I started up again due to protecting my feet and tweaking the dog walk schedules since I’m down to only three pups. I also started a new job at the end of March, and since I’m in a warehouse I’m on my feet almost all day. We also had mandatory overtime the last two Saturdays including the one before the Cap10K, so I wasn’t sure how painful my legs and feet were going to be on race day.

The morning didn’t start well; I’d forgotten to set my alarm clock, so I overslept by about 15 minutes. Fortunately, I was in one of the “slow” starting corrals, so I didn’t have to be at the start line until 8:30. After six days of Mom leaving early and not getting back for several hours the dogs were not impressed with my trying to leave the house without them, especially since I was clearly wearing dog walking clothes. Patience even tried to bolt the door because she was sure I wanted to take her on a run (hint: I didn’t), but a stern “WAIT” stopped her in her tracks.

I made it downtown and to my starting corral with plenty of time although there was a brief near mishap with a portable toilet (yes, I sucked it up this year). I was armed with a fuel belt holding twenty ounces of Gatorade, a bag over my shoulders to carry my keys and other sundries, and my iPod for music and tracking distance since my internal measurement system is badly broken. The race announcers seemed thrilled that it wasn’t raining, but I would rather have dealt with a downpour than the mist and relentless humidity. My glasses fogged up several times during the race, and it was misting hard enough at the end line festival that I could barely see.

I learned from my experiences last year to not go out fast at the beginning of the race, so I paced off an older lady with a pink top and jacket. Unfortunately, she started walking before we got down Congress, so I just kept a low key pace and saved my energy for the grueling hills as the course heads towards Mopac. I still felt pretty fresh when I got to the hills, and my biggest problem was just getting around people who stopped to walk! However, I could tell I was going more slowly than I had the previous year when I saw the time clocks. Since my goal was to run the entire 10K and not stop to walk at all I just needed to store some of my energy to make it all the way to the finish. With my handy fuel belt I didn’t have to stop at the water stations, but I did use them as guides for when I might want a sip of my Gatorade. By the 5K mark I was getting a little worried because I was nearly the distances I had been running since my foot troubles, but I just put one foot in front of the other and forged ahead. It seemed like the flat stretch near Austin High School lasted forever (I kept checking my Nike+ running app to see how close I was the last kilometer, and only a few meters had passed every time), but it was nice to be concerned about holding on to my energy for a flat area rather than wondering if the hills would kill me. When I hit the 6 mile marker I frantically began trying to get around other runners, so I could push myself the last .2 miles to the finish line. My legs felt tired and wobbly after six miles, but I had enough left for a speed burst. My elbow got a little tangled with another runner as we crossed the official timer thing in the road, but we were both just pleased we had completed the run.

Unfortunately, the results weren’t available for the later runners when I checked on site, but I ran into a high school classmate when I wandered the after festival. We chatted a bit, which was a lot of fun although also odd since we hadn’t seen each other since we were teens.

I got home to the dogs around 11 and promptly checked my official race time online. This year I completed the race in 1:07:05, which is about five minutes slower than last year, but I ran the entire way and beat my fear of running with PF. Now I just need to try the 10K at the Stars and Stripes event in May if they actually have it set up!

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Isn’t This a Hanging Offense?

Leave Me Alone I'm Reading

With my transition to a new job in a much busier work environment the time I get during the day to tune into books and other media just for me has become much more precious. Even five minutes of quiet time involves frantically checking email and possibly fiddling with my Kindle app. Anything I need or want to read travels with me to work and waits in my car for lunch where I eagerly shut myself away from the world between the pages of some new adventure (yes, even non-fiction books can create new and unfamiliar situations). All of my co-workers have been good about respecting lunch time as a break from interacting with each other (admittedly, it’s not like we’re being heavily cooperative in the warehouse, but there is some social aspect to it) and just decompressing a little…until more new people started getting hired.

I got cornered in the lunch room by a co-worker because I’d been nice initially, so instead of reading my book on Asian comics (yes, Michele, I promise you will get your review; I’m just really slow!) I felt obligated to engage in small talk. It was an interesting conversation, but I also felt that twitch common among readers who haven’t gotten to indulge in a book recently. It’s similar, but much less self-destructive, to needing a drug fix. Warehouse work is physical enough that I wasn’t in horrible pain for the remainder of the work day, but despite exhaustion and a very early morning I still had to read some before going to sleep.

But now I’m afraid I’ll be cornered every lunch break…guess it’s time to polish my death stare and polite but firm ability to let people know that I’d like them to bugger off while I put my nose in a book!

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No Blog Post Until the Weekend

The warehouse has been short of people all week, so I just don’t have juice for a decent post. I have some in mind, but I should wait until the weekend when I’ll have a little more time to think carefully. 

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New Washing Machine!

I am wiped from my new work schedule, and it feels like everything is so much harder when I don’t want to take time off from my brand new hourly job. I’m lucky to have access to a couple of non-working individuals at the moment, but I hope that both of them find employment in a reasonable amount of time!

My washing machine died mid-wash on Sunday, and I got to spend my birthday money on a new washing machine after my trusted repairman said it wasn’t worth fixing it with some of the unit’s other issues. I lucked out getting a scratch and dent model that looks perfect, which saved me a bit of money (still not a cheap purchase!).

My new fancy baby is:

New Washer

Suzu made sure I had something to test wash by peeing on a throw rug this morning after scaring me to death by not waking up when the alarm went off, so I thought she might have died. Having one dog die in her sleep with make you a little twitchy.

I need to have the water valves checked since the delivery guys/installers think that they’ve been leaking, but if I can coordinate that with having the doors fixed/installed that’d be awesome. We’ll see.

Let’s see if I can make it through two more intense days!

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Did We Really NEED a ‘Free’ Movie?


Yes, boys and girls, Rocket News announced earlier this week that Free, one of the most unintentionally homoerotic anime ever, is going to have a theatrical release. “Oh great,’ many anime lovers might say, “we’ll get to see the boys move on after high school, right?” I’d be down with that…at least the majority will be legal to ogle by then, so the skimpy swimsuits and bare skin will be less complicated. However, the upcoming movie is slated to be a prequel…about the boys in middle school. Head meet desk. It almost feels like the franchise is unintentionally catering to the shota lovers of the world. Meanwhile my skin is crawling. Will I watch it if the movie travels to the US? Probably. Will I feel like a very dirty old lady if the accidental boys’ love moments make an appearance? Most definitely! However, the desire to know details will probably block out everything else.

Now for the update: I have a new job! I have to finish filling out paperwork today, but my several month quest to find non-familial employment has ended. I’m excited about my new opportunity, and I hope this will become something long term. My blog posts may become more sporadic as I ease into the new schedule, but I intend to find ways to keep on the once a week routine even if I can’t post at work.

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