I am sick

After six days with respiratory crud I went to an urgent care clinic near my house to get a diagnosis. It’s probably a sinus infection, so I have a course of antibiotics and a prescription cough syrup to help me sleep. Instead of working on a blog post today I am crawling back into bed and letting the meds start working. 

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Sarah’s Surrender by Lavinia Kent Book Review


Sometimes we do get second chances. Sarah Swilp has finally resigned herself to marrying one of her father’s creditors to protect her mother from ruin when her first love, Jonathan Perry, returns to London after five years away. They parted on bitter terms when Sarah refused to give him her virginity after he callously informed her that marriage was not part of the plan. However, when she’s facing a loveless union to a man who presumes she’s been ruined Sarah decides to take a chance at seizing one night of happiness. If her past love is willing she wants to try once more for a night of passion in his arms, but when Jonathan actually agrees that one night turns into more than either party ever anticipated.

Sarah’s Surrender is the fourth installment in Lavinia Kent’s Bound and Determined series of historical erotica. Sarah Swilp peripherally appeared in the two full novels since she, Bliss, and Louisa move in the same social circles, but I never had a sense of her character other than commentary on her hideous clothing. Many aspects of her life become more clear even with the limited page count of a novella, which helped me sympathize with Sarah’s position, especially in a society where noblewomen didn’t have many options. I especially enjoyed that the heroine was younger and inexperienced but not wholly naive about life and sex; Sarah’s lack of sexual experience had more to do with her social position and opportunities than lack of interest. She also takes charge of getting herself a night of pleasure before entering a marriage of duty instead of resigning herself to never knowing how good sex could be with someone she passionately desires.

While I appreciated Sarah’s agency in the story the overall conflict between her and Jonathan made me want to slap both parties and make them sit down and just talk. Their horrible separation five years previously felt like a children’s fight blown out of proportion; I’m sure Jonathan was truly worried about being trapped into a marriage he didn’t want, but if he really cared for Sarah why would he say what he did? Her hurt and angered reaction was totally understandable, but the way they processed the circumstances just drove me nuts. His initial behaviour in the present irritated me as well since he seemed like a jerk, so I struggled with the idea that he’d been gentle and caring towards Sarah.

Now to the part that everyone wants to hear about: the sex! Sadly I found the actual sex scenes much less compelling than Kent’s previous works, but it’s not because they weren’t well-written; I just prefer more actual bondage/BDSMy content, and Jonathan’s style was willing obedience rather than hardcore kink. My frustration over Sarah and Jonathan’s misunderstanding also bled into my enjoyment of their sex, too, because it seemed like the past affected their immediate present heavily. The ending also felt a little rushed because I didn’t entirely buy how one night of good sex could erase all the bad feelings between the two. However, I did prefer Sarah getting a HEA of sorts rather than more misery and loneliness.

While this is my least favourite of the Bound and Determined stories so far, it’s still a wonderful historical erotica read. I’m sure it has someone’s exact catnip, and that reader will adore every moment and encounter. Sarah’s Surrender is also a far more entertaining read than many things I have tried, so even though I don’t love it I definitely recommend it for anyone wanting a little kink in their historical romance.

4 Explanations about Women’s Hair Pins out of 5

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Listen at Winflo with Casey McPherson and Drew Davis — September 19, 2015


It looks like the venue has some other great shows in the upcoming weeks, too (I know personally that Guy Forsyth is quite amazing!). Overall, I had a great time at the show even if the musicians’ sound was much mellower than I was hoping for (I’ve been listening to a lot of punk stuff lately, and both Casey and Drew cater to a less edgy musicality).  Getting to and from the darn venue was more adventure than I wanted though!

I thought I’d be smart and use a service to pre-pay for a parking spot in a garage near the Winflo Osteria.  Unfortunately, I had a hard time finding the garage, and when I did find it the attendant wouldn’t validate my mobile parking pass (on the plus side the service did refund my fee).  I’d found a pay lot while driving around looking for the garage though, so I was able to get a spot there.  However, the parking attendant at the second place kept trying to chat me up while I tried to get my debit card authorized to pay for my parking.  I’m sure he was trying to be friendly, but I’m not 22, it wasn’t my birthday, I’m not from LA, and I was rather cranky because I was afraid I’d be late for my show.  Google Maps ended up making me take a long circuitous route to get to the Winflo, which was way further west than I expected (I thought I’d be close enough to 6th St to maybe catch the end of the Rangers game at a bar, but I was past Whole Foods).  I scooted up to the restaurant/performance space just before 8PM, but fortunately things were running on Austin time, so Drew Davis hadn’t yet hit the stage when I got downstairs.

Both Drew Davis and Casey McPherson have phenomenal voices, and they have an easy stage presence in intimate venues. They chatted easily between songs and genuinely seemed to like interacting with the crowd.  The space was very small, but it made my standing room location be almost on the stage.  If you get the chance to hear either of these performers in a small setting do it! I’m probably going to try to see Drew with her full band at Kickbutt Coffee on Airport Blvd next Friday night, too.

The show ran a little long (closer to 10:30 than 10), but with the great performances no one was complaining.  However, I realized as I finally left the Winflo that my parking location was awfully far away from W 6th…and the road isn’t very well-lit that far away from downtown.  I was also wearing a corset and low cut top, so running anywhere probably wasn’t going to happen if I felt threatened.  Fortunately, I managed to latch onto a couple of young women heading towards the bars after a few blocks, so I felt less vulnerable, but it was definitely creepy to walk in the dark, silent area of W 6th all alone.  I’m just glad I didn’t get any alcohol at the show.  Next time I’ll have to either invite someone to come with me if I attend another Listen at Winflo show or find parking closer to the restaurant!

I lucked out that the dogs were feeling patient, and they were rewarded with walks around midnight after I got home.  Overall, the evening was a great success even if parking was a hassle, and I discovered that W 6th is far away from almost everything downtown!

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Trying to Find My People


I’ve been struggling for the last several months to figure out who exactly my people might be as I push myself to explore things I’ve never tried or really done.  I’m realizing that my twenties, which are when most people explore themselves, were hemmed in by being a dog rescuer and an extremely busy dog owner plus working with my father subconsciously helped me stay in one place rather than branching out.

The sad part is that I’m realizing that the dog rescuer part of me is getting pushed to the wayside.  It’ll always be part of me, but it’s not the all-encompassing focus that it was even a few years ago.  However, I don’t exactly have one new place that fits either.  I’ve connected with people at punk rock shows, out dancing to 80’s music, playing board games, studying belly dance, and watching geeky movies.  I’ve become a reviewer of all sorts of geek media (comics, books, movies, etc), so there’s another tribe I can claim membership in if I so choose. Unfortunately, most of my members of that group are out of state, but we regularly connect online.  I want to meet them in person eventually.

I suspect that the next months or even year or so will be a time of trying things to see what works for me.  Not everything will be a great fit, but they’ll be experiences.  I just hope I’m happy with where the journey goes!

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Clubbing with the 80’s


So…I went clubbing at local goth/alternative/punk club Elysium last night for their regular 80’s night event since I didn’t have to work today, and my belly dance class was cancelled due to the holiday weekend.  I’ve never been a big part of the club scene, but I wanted to dress up (sheer blouse, corset, plaid schoolgirl skirt, stockings, and Mary Jane heels) and go dance plus a friend had recommended the 8o’s nights as a fun time.

So…what did I like:

  • The music/music videos rocked! It was all sorts of fun 80’s tunes, and even though I didn’t know all of them they were easy to dance to, and I spent most of my two hours on the dance floor.
  • There were a couple of pinball machines when I headed towards the bar to get some water since I was sweating and overheated from dancing so long.  Pinball is fun, too, and I took a break to play a few games!
  • Overall, the crowd was really nice, and it was an eclectic mix of younger and older people with various types of fashion.
  • $4 cover? Okay, if I’d had the secret password before I arrived I could have gotten in free, but $4 isn’t a bad price at all, especially since I ended up not drinking.
  • A couple of strangers were willing to dance with me out on the floor, which was loads of fun.  Okay, they were both women, but sharing the fun energy was more important that hooking up.

What didn’t work as well for me:

  • I’m not that familiar with the parking areas near 6th/7th streets, so I ended up all the way at the City Hall Parking garage, which was a fifteen minute walk from Elysium.  This was a big factor in why I didn’t even have one beer since I knew I’d have to walk back to the garage alone, and I wanted to be fully aware of my surroundings.
  • It got really, really, really crowded as the evening went on, and I finally left after I was tired of being stepped on and hit by people who didn’t seem to comprehend that a cramped dance floor means you can’t take a huge space with your body movements.  I had one guy run into me three or four times in a row because he was trying to travel across the dance floor when we were packed in like sardines.
  • This goes hand in hand with the crowds, but people were sweating on me.  I understand it happening just because we were so close together, but it got irritating when it was because people just weren’t paying attention.  Also, it would have been nice to have better AC out on the dance floor.
  • I managed to rip the top of one of my stockings when I arrived at the club, which sucked.  It was high enough up that even my incredibly short skirt covered it, but I was bothered the entire night.

Overall, I will totally go back to Elysium again because it’s a fun venue for dancing, and it’s not a place that makes me worry about being there alone.  It would be more fun to have other people to dance with, but I’m okay marching to my own beat and dancing in my own space.  Here’s just hoping that they’ll have some Friday or Saturday night special events that appeal to me (I’m thinking the K-Pop night they do some Fridays might be fun), but I also want to hit live music shows and other events around town.

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Trying to Stay on Top of Running


I got lazy about my running when I started my new job because I spent far more time on my feet than I had since working at Taco Bell as a teenager. I went through a time period where I had to get to work at 6:30, which made running before work a crazy idea, and I was so tired all of the time that I just couldn’t find the inspiration to get out and exercise.  But I missed the feel of moving my body and sweating and feeling the ground beneath my feet.  When the stresses in my work and personal life brought me to a breaking point I realized that one thing I desperately needed was to make myself start running again. It wasn’t going to fix everything, but at least I could use running to channel some of my whacked out emotions and energy into something positive.  Conversely being tired from physical work helps quiet the weird voices in our heads that give bad advice.

Patience runs a couple of miles with me twice a week again, and she’s not impressed with the change.  I go for a four-ish mile run on Sunday mornings alone since I can get a better workout by myself now (my physical abilities are actually higher than the dog’s at this point!). It hasn’t actually solved anything, but I can sense the calm and satisfaction every time I manage another run.  It’s not a solution for everything, but while I run my mind can clear, and I just am in the moment.  We all need that, and I’m glad I’ve found one way for me to tap into it.

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‘The Arcs: Volume 1’ Now Available on ComiXology!

The Arcs image

LOS ANGELES, CA – August 19, 2015 – Fanboy Comics (FBC) is excited to announce that The Arcs: Volume 1 is now available for sale through ComiXology!

The Arcs is an epic and gritty graphic novel that follows the seven Archangels of Heaven.  After God has abandoned Earth, the Archangels are forced to protect humanity against the rising legions of Hell. Can they pull themselves together to defeat Lucifer and his demons, or are they destined to suffer their own fall from grace?

The digital trade paperback was created and written by Michael D. Poisson, illustrated by Matt Jacobs (The Boys, Prototype), lettered by Oceano Ransford (The Molting), and features cover coloring by Carlos Badilla (The Authority, Hack/Slash). Printed copies of The Arcs: Volume 1 are also available for sale in the Fanboy Comics Online Store.

Be sure to pick up your copy of The Arcs: Volume 1 on ComiXology today to discover what Matt Hawkins (Think Tank, Top Cow President and COO) calls, “They Livewith angels and demons.  Like much from Fanboy Comics, this book isn’t for the faint of heart, but if you want something with some gravitas and an interesting take on religious mythology, definitely give this book a shot.”

For more information on The Arcs: Volume 1, please visit www.thearcscomic.com or http://www.fanboycomics.net. The Arcs may also be found on Facebook, Twitter (@TheArcsComic), and Goodreads.


About Fanboy Comics
Fanboy Comics (FBC) is a comic book publisher and an online community supporting other creators and fans through daily reviews, interviews, and podcasts that span the pop culture spectrum.  FBC seeks to provide an outlet for up-and-coming artists and writers with a desire to create new works and media. By facilitating in-house collaborations and providing support and empowerment, FBC hopes to enable the production of professional and marketable creator-owned works.  Fanboy Comics’ graphic novels, Something Animal, Identity Thief, The Arcs, Fearworms: Selected Poems, and Penguins vs. Possums, are available online at www.fanboycomics.net.

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