Even so, I’m not giving up on you…


Very poignant

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I saw your post on Facebook.  The one where you were trying to get people to sign the petition  to “stop the immigration”.

Wow.  How do I respond to this?

Well, I guess I can say that I’m kind of glad it was you who sent it.   If it had been some stranger, I would have just dismissed it as the ravings of some redneck asshole.  Yup.  That’s how unkind I would have been.

Which doesn’t say good things about me.

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Does two shows make me a metal head?


In the past month or so I’ve attended two shows at Austin 6th Street venue, Dirty Dog. I even broke my rules about making sure I get enough sleep on work nights and went to a Thursday night show that got me home past midnight last week.  There’s just something about the loud sound and pulsing rhythms of metal music that helps unwind the tension from work and regular life.

I don’t entirely fit in.  I tend to dress way girlier than most female metal fans, but since I wear jeans and T-shirts to work I want to feel like a woman when I’m out and about, which I don’t get by just throwing on jeans.  I made the mistake of wearing heeled boots to the Thursday night show, which left horrific blisters and pain in the bottoms of my feet by the end of the night, but they were incredibly cute!  I don’t mosh; I just don’t…I’m not comfortable enough with the idea to consider it and after taking an elbow to the chest and having my feet stomped on by a mosher who flew out of the main pit on Thursday I don’t think I could handle being in the mix!  I already have too many unexplainable bruises!

I let myself go and have fun and headbang or sway to the music though, which is what matters.  Am I a metal head? I don’t know if I fully can own that yet; I just know that sometimes I need metal when my mellower fare won’t soothe my soul.

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Nothing Today

My parents’ dog, Krista, was diagnosed with probable cancer this week, so I don’t really have a fun blog post in me this week. Hopefully, I’ll have something to share by mid-week. 

Krista is the pretty red and white dog in the foreground. I fostered her for a long time before my parents adopted her, so she’s almost like my dog who lives in another house. She turned nine in September. 

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Tombstones and ghosts and lost dogs, oh my!

My holiday weekend has been full of all sorts of excitement and new experiences (okay, I stayed home Friday night and watched horror flicks, but it was still good).

Unfortunately, the Oakwood Cemetery tour (the annual Murder, Mayhem, and Misadventure Walking Tour) provided by Save Austin Cemeteries is only available during daylight hours due to the grounds being locked at night (I understand why, but an old cemetery tour at night sounds amazing to me).  While some of the names on the tombstones made me have to restrain giggles (*coughGlasscockcough*), I learned a lot about the location and the individuals featured in this year’s tour (many thanks to the volunteer actors who told the stories about the individuals in the graves!)

I had intended to try Halloween on 6th Street this year, but after the rains and walking around a graveyard midday I didn’t have either the energy or enthusiasm for that type of adventure.  I searched for interesting sounding events on the Austin Chronicle’s website and decided that I wanted to check out the Historic Georgetown Ghost Tour put on by The Williamson Museum.  While Google Maps on my phone didn’t work very well to get me to the Georgetown Square the remainder of the experience was quite fun.  Our guide was funny and knowledgeable (even if I discovered that I was being stalked by the whole “Glasscock” thing…guess who Georgetown is named for!), and the other people in my tour group had good senses of humour. I even had fun in my spiderweb dress and full petticoat since other people had come in costume as well. I had wanted to find somewhere for coffee/dessert after the tour, but the person I invited to join me wouldn’t come out, and I was pretty beat.  It turned out to be fortuitous since I’d forgotten about the time change until I got home plus the dogs were thrilled I was  back!

Now…the lost dog…the rescuer continues to be strong with me, but I had no intention of helping a dog find his way home this morning when I was walking Suzuka and Miki.  I saw a loose yellow lab at the end of a street near Metric.  I tensed up because Suzu has been attacked by dogs since she’s gotten older, and when a dog is loose it can be hard to know how they’ll react to my leashed dog.  Unfortunately, I then saw the dog dodge a few cars, which made me have to help him.  I also thought he was the yellow lab from the end of the street (I’ve seen the dog getting runs with his dad’s bike in the mornings), so getting him home would be easy.  By this time he’d approached and been friendly and mostly appropriate with my two geriatric dogs, so I pulled out my spare leash to try getting him home.  To my dismay he didn’t have any tags, but I was still thinking he lived just a few houses down the street…until I heard their dog barking at us from behind the fence.  Argh. Miki was also being pissy with the new guy (turns out the loose dog wasn’t neutered), but I did my best to get all three dogs back to the house to drop off my two and head back out to try finding the lab’s home.  After asking several people along the street where the loose dog was found someone managed to decipher the faded writing on his collar.  Being game to see if the address was correct we headed to the next neighborhood over to see if the big guy had people looking for him.  Of course, Bogart’s (his name turned out to be Borgart) lived almost all the way to Mopac on their street, but he had gotten out during the rains last night, and they were worried sick about him (his mom gave me a hug).  He lives with a small rat terriery looking dog, two cats, and a little boy who was sure his dog would come safely home.  I’m glad I was able to make that happen for him…my Sunday morning was completely out of whack thanks to helping Bogart, but I can’t say it was a waste of my time.  He’s one dog who didn’t end up in a shelter because I took some time to find his family, and he was a really pleasant boy even if Miki didn’t approve.

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This Weather is Killing Me!

I wanted to do a fun write up of the new Guillermo del Toro flick, Crimson Peak, today (I saw it last night…so much pretty, I was actually creeped out in parts, fabulous female characters), but my respiratory system is going haywire again. I don’t know if I didn’t completely kick the sinus crud from last time, if my body is going into its old mode of trying to get me seriously ill every fall/winter, or if I’m just struggling with working with a lot more people, so I’m exposed to more stuff!


Add some weird emotional stuff and confusion, and I’m kind of hiding from the world for a little bit…Hopefully, I’m feeling perkier by Halloween (and maybe have some resolution to my confusion) because I want to go out.

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Unit 44 Volume #1

My knowledge of Wes Locher goes back a long way since his series, Chambers, is one of the first that I reviewed in full for Fanboy Comics, so when he kindly gave me a copy of his new series, Unit 44, I was excited…then I realized I wasn’t coping very well with two of my dogs dying earlier in the year,  got a new job, dealt with a break up, had a depressive episode due to a variety of all of the above, so reading really took a backseat to trying to get my life under control.


I finally pried myself away from schlocky horror series and paranormal romance enough last week to read it, and I really should have tried it sooner!  It’s got the buddy cop element, wacky hijinks, and all sorts of eerie supernatural/alien stuff to help make me laugh hysterically.  The website describes the first issue as: “Area 51 employees, Agents Gibson and Hatch, forget to pay the rent on the facility’s off-site storage unit and the secret contents are sold to a pair of backwoods rednecks at public auction. Now the race is on for the agents to recover the items from the locker in order to stop an extraterrestrial threat.” Not only is this like a goofy X-files there’s elements of Storage Wars complete with nutty small town folks who have an innate distrust of the feds.

So…should you read this? ABSOLUTELY! The trade paperback compiling all four issues of the series is now available via Alterna Comics, so go over there and pick up either a print or digital copy.  It’s only $14.99…I need to get one myself to finish the adventures of the scatterbrained Hatch and Gibson!

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Still Recovering

I don’t get sick often, but when I do I manage to get myself in a pretty bad way.  I feel tons better, but I still have a nasty cough, and I didn’t get a decent night’s sleep until this past Friday. This morning I discovered that I somehow didn’t have enough antibiotics to make it the full ten days, so I had to call the urgent care clinic to try to get more meds (we’re still not sure what happened since I don’t think I accidentally took six doses too early, and the pharmacy claims they gave me the full forty pills).  Fortunately, the doctor was willing to prescribe three more days worth of meds to get me through the full ten days.

Count Chocula

Finding Count Chocula at Walgreen’s last night excited me way more than it should since eating has been a real chore while I’ve been sick.  Things don’t taste very good, and my throat is still a little raw since I won’t stop coughing.  I mixed it with some yogurt (my mom, who I hadn’t heard from all week, texted me suddenly on Friday morning to make sure I was taking precautions to avoid getting a yeast infection…yeah, I boggled and then laughed hysterically) and binged on about half o the 10.4 ounce box.  I think I’m taking the rest to work to feed my co-workers because I am now truly sick of Count Chocula.

Despite being sick last week I still went to the ACL late night Meg Myers concert at Stubb’s, which was so worth it! I have a T-shirt to prove I was there plus I bought two of her albums on iTunes.  The opening act was a little slow and low key in comparison to Meg’s alternative/punk rocky style, but I’m still glad I went.  Stubb’s is also a very non-threatening venue, even if I did end up parked across from the downtown homeless shelter.  I’m getting a better idea of where to find parking downtown, so I shouldn’t run into trouble when I go to the show at Dirty Dog next Friday.  Hopefully, I’m no longing trying to expel my lungs via my throat by that point, but it’s a punk rock show; no one will be able to hear me hacking anyway!

I’m trying to get to bellydance tonight since I’m no longer contagious, but a lot depends on how much steam I have left.  I did get a short nap today, so I think I’ll manage.  I need to see the ladies in my class; they cheer me up a lot.

Overall, I’m doing much better than I was a few months back.  I’m laughing a lot more and just being okay being me.  There are things that still get me down, but I think I’m in a better headspace.  I’m just focusing on dressing up for fun and having a good time.  I didn’t go out this weekend because I wanted time to rest up a bit, but I’m going to find a way to do activities at least a couple of weekends a month.  If I can get one of my co-workers to go out dancing with me that’d be cool (no, it’s nothing romantic, but I think he and I would have fun being crazy clubbing together), but I’ll go myself if no one will go with me. I also finally got my corset dry cleaned at the place across from work although I had to explain what it was to the lady at the store (she charged me for a blouse).

Work has slowed for the moment, which is concerning, but everyone tells me it’s pretty normal for this time of year (well, everyone who has been at the company for more than a few years).  I’ve gotten to help in shipping some and sort of bounce around where I’m needed, which is a-okay with me.  It’d be great if business picked up again, but I’m just going to do the best I can with what we currently have.  That’s all I can do to make sure my position is stable at the moment.  If things get bad enough I know I have a good reference, and Aerotek will find me another placement.  They’ve proven a good agency, so working with them wouldn’t be a bad choice in the future.


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