Are You A Geeky Cross-stitcher? You NEED these!


Friend and fellow Fanboy Comics (becoming Fanbase Press on May 2!) contributor, Claire Thorne, is a woman of many talents. Not only is she a reviewer, mother, and supportive wife of an artist, she’s a geeky entrepreneur!  An Unexpected Hobby is Claire’s selection of geek theme cross-stitch kits and digital patterns that caters to people at all levels of skill.

The Etsy store features kits and patterns for popular geek properties such as Saga, Sherlock, Firefly, Doctor Who, and Star Wars, but Claire’s main page shows her development of even more wide spread works. There’s an adorable Ms. Marvel cross-stitch on her blog roll that will be coming to the store soon.

If you enjoy cross-stitch but have wanted more than cute animal patterns or inspirational quotes, Claire’s store may have just what you’re looking for.  Lying Cat is a great counterpoint to that adorable kitten with a butterfly that’s hanging over the sofa, right?



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Jillian over at Squidbrains doesn’t seem to need my help with their Unicorgi Kickstarter since it’s over triple their goal, but I did promise them that I would happily talk about their adorable little plushies. I’m also a little late to the game since the Kickstarter opened on April 9 (runs through May 9 if you’d like to get in on the plush corgi goodness; I will definitely be backing when I have some extra cash).

Jillian is a freelance children’s book illustrator who likes to use her skills to create adorable critters and promote awareness and happiness through her art.  Just look at the little corgi face or the other adorable sketches on her website, and tell me you don’t feel better!

Aside from her portfolio and the current Kickstarter Jillian has an Etsy Shop with adorable items of all price ranges.  If you’re a lover of cute animals you need several items in her store (I have serious grabby hands right now)!

So support an indie artist and check out all of Jillian’s sites. The cute is great for children and adults alike!


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Cap 10K 2016

Despite just getting over some nasty upper respiratory crud I made it out for the Cap 10K this morning. The weather was overcast and cool plus I had a new Garmin to test. 

Amazingly the run felt pretty good, and I finished in 1:07:30, which is .12 seconds better than last year! The finisher festival was too packed and overwhelming though, and I got turned around leaving. I spent more time getting back to the parking garage and finding my car than I did at the festival!

Also I didn’t realize that the City Hall parking garage charges on weekends now, so I ended up being out $17 for parking. My driver side window also no longer opens; ah, the joys of a very old car. I am now home and will soak in the tub and relax until dance class tonight. I’ve been plenty active for a little while!

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I Think My Brain Has Come Out Through My Nose

I have been dealing with a sinus infection with a touch of bronchitis all week, so I don’t have any blog post since I’m behind on everything. I have a few more WonderCon tidbits plus when I get more info on this Kickstarter I will share with everyone:  

Because ehrmagehrd uni-corgis!

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WonderCon Day 2 — More Photos


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WonderCon Day 1 — A a Picture is Worth AThousand Words 


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Places to Hike in Austin with a Leash Reactive Pup?

My youngest dog, Patience, (who is actually now 7, but she’s still the baby in my mind with two nearly 16 year olds as the other two parts of the canine triad), is a country dog through and through.  She was a feral puppy who grew up in a kennel/pen in a rural area for the first year of her life, and although she’s adjusted to the joys of being an indoor, city dog I can tell she loves the sights and scents of the outdoors.

This weekend I took her to the small park near my house to walk, and the sheer joy I saw as she pulled in front of me to investigate the grass and sniff the ground (Patience normally walks a little behind me, so Mom can run interference) really emphasized how much being in nature makes my crazy baby happy. I’d love to take her hiking before the weather gets too hot, but there’s a catch…Patience is leash reactive with other dogs, and I’m afraid that a lot of popular hiking locations that allow dogs will have off leash pups that will incite a problem with Little Crazy.

So Austin area folks, do you have a place to hike with your dogs that is less popular that might work for a dog who doesn’t necessarily want to make new friends while she’s on leash (ironically, Patience’s issues meeting new people have decreased when we’re outside of the house as long as I don’t allow them to grab at her)? I’d love to explore this with her while she’s still young enough to enjoy it, but I worry about irresponsible people who don’t get that DINO’s exist and are good dogs; they just need space.



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