The Krinar’s Informant by Charmaine Pauls

The Krinar's Informant Cover

As readers of my now infrequent blog and reviews may have noticed I read a lot of Charmaine Pauls’ writing.  Due to reviewing her Loan Shark Duology I’m on her ARC reviewer list, so I get to preview her new works (insert happy dance).  Her Krinar works are original stories set in Anna Zaires’ Krinar Chronicles universe, officially sanctioned fanfiction if you will.  I don’t enjoy the Krinar stories as much as Ms. Pauls’ original stories since I’m not a fan of the original material, but I’m always game to try another entry in her oeuvre.

Liv has dedicated her life to the resistance against the Krinar invasion of Earth, but when she realizes her brothers are committing themselves to a suicide mission she would rather betray them to the enemy than watch them die.  Zavir didn’t expect the informant to be so attractive and enticing, and a series of misadventures lead him to take her back to his home base and pushed to take her as charl (wife/mate) to protect Liv.

I did not love The Krinar’s Informant, and it’s mostly because I’m not a huge fan of ridiculously alpha males.  To borrow a term I learned from Smart Bitches, Trashy Books Zavir veers dangerously into alphole territory.  As a result I judged every sexual encounter between him and Liv harshly; I never bought into why she fell in love with him, and while I can handle dub-con something about these two just never sat right with me.

But how were the sex scenes, you ask?  As always Charmaine Pauls’ does an excellent job in producing steamy sex scenes that burn up the pages.  However, I continued to be bothered about the power differential (if it had been marketed as kink I probably would have been okay with it) and how Zavir expected Liv to obey his orders just because he said so rather than giving her pertinent information.  I also didn’t feel he did enough apologizing/groveling for his HEA; I needed more to buy his change of attitude.

If I were a fan of the original Krinar Chronicles I might have been better prepared for Zavir’s domineering personality, and I might even have looked forward to Old Skool romance tropes.  Fans definitely will get something out of the tale, and it’s the type of story I probably would have loved 20 years ago when the “Me, too” movement wasn’t so enmeshed in our society.  However, if you’re a fan of Charmaine Pauls’ other works and want to try something new pick this up.  Some of my gripes may just be the perfect blend for your romance reading!

3.5 Nanotechnology Healing Devices out of 5

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