Old Enough by Charmaine Pauls Book Review

Old Enough Cover

This is a review of an erotic novel featuring an older woman and a younger man as well as a hearty dose of kink.  If this isn’t your cup of tea I suggest skipping this one.

Brian Michaels sought out Jane Logan as a business transaction that would allow him to save his mother and baby sister from life on the wrong side of Johannesburg.  Sure, he’d been attracted to her photo, but he had never expected the explosive attraction between them to make him crave all of her as a permanent fixture in his life.  The last thing he wants to do is destroy her, but will his temporary employer let him get out of their deal?

Jane Logan is licking her wounds after her 12 year marriage ended unceremoniously (her husband fell in love with his secretary)  and just wants to find the space to grieve everything from her past and raise her daughter, Abby.  She doesn’t want a fling, especially not with a dominant young man who is barely out of high school…but when Jane allows her desire for Brian to turn into an intense sex session it seems clear that he’s the key to releasing her from her demons and making her whole again.

They’re two people who desperately want each other and offer something that can make the other whole, but they’re from totally different worlds, from totally different generations, and Brian’s secret will destroy everything if Jane ever finds out.

Charmaine Pauls has moved on from her previous series, The Loan Shark Duet, with a more palatable (to me) tale of a young man from the wrong side of the tracks and a rich older woman who could pick anyone to be by her side.  Brian hides how he appears in Jane’s life, but it doesn’t have the overt criminal overtones of  Loan Shark, and our hero actively is pursuing a non-mafia lifestyle.  I identified more with Brian and Jane than Gabriel and Valentina as well because while I’ve never lived in a crime-riddled city where even riding the bus could be life-threatening or had a neighborhood watch double as a gang their lives fall into a more recognizable track: Jane works in advertising, and Brian takes care of his mother and baby sister while attending classes to get his advertising degree.

Given this is erotica let me address the most important question of most readers: how are the sex scenes?  Sizzling!  Brian is extremely dominant in the bedroom, but he also values Jane’s agency and her pleasure.  The only times where he seems to push his partner beyond her limits are in specific kink related scenarios, and he advises Jane up front that it will get intense.  Brian pays attention to her reactions, and as he learns Jane’s sexual likes he also acknowledges where and when he can cross lines.  In one of the hottest scenes he even gives Jane complete control of the encounter because while he longs to be in charge he recognizes the power  of having someone you trust telling you what to do.

Some readers might be disturbed that Brian frequently shows up at Jane’s home with no prior notification, but for some reason I really didn’t mind.  They communicate regularly via text, and he is careful to never show up at times that would cause Jane problems with her ex-husband or daughter.  I mostly saw it as overly protective caring given the world our characters inhabit.

Wow…I didn’t expect to be so blown away by Jane and Brian’s story because romance with a huge age difference isn’t my catnip, but it never felt wrong (maybe because Brian was so clearly the pursuer).  If you enjoy super-hot erotica with age disparate characters in a unique setting (how many stories have you read in South Africa) pick this one up today!  You need to get hooked before the second half of the story comes out in August.

5 Incredibly Sexy But Possibly Age Inappropriate Dresses out of 5


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