Yesterday marked the two year anniversary of Akane’s death, and I’m mostly grateful we passed the day with no one else needing to shuffle their mortal coil (I’ve got quite a stable of oldsters). However, it made me reflect how Aka’s passing, while it ripped out a chunk of my soul, turned into a blessing as well. 

I was able to spoil Perdy thoroughly for the last months of her life including sleeping in my bed some night’s of the week without an angry and vocal Akane. I’ve been able to integrate the cats more fully with the household, and they love watching TV or “helping” cook. Suzu has gotten two years of spoiling with no feisty jealous sister to horn in on lovings. 

On a more personal level I was able to take two trips for the first time in about 15 years including to attend my brother’s wedding. I changed jobs and have successfully transitioned from warehouse to quality, and my change of status to direct hire should be finalized in 2017. One relationship ended, but a new one not built in part on the fear of no one wanting a crazy dog lady has begun. 

Akane and Perdy brought love, tears, and incredible experiences to my life, and I will never regret sharing time with them. However, their deaths have given me the gift of a life that doesn’t have to entirely revolve around care taking  and maintenance, which I hadn’t realized I was missing. 


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30 something year old animal rescuer, aspiring writer, and all around geek
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