And Now Sick Dogs

Last night Patience woke me up to provide door service and discovered that Suzu wasn’t in the bedroom. I found her lying on blankets in the living room, and when I tried to help her up she was unable to stand. When I supported her torso her back feet were unable to flip back into proper standing position, a sure sign of neurological problems.  I scooped her up and put Suzu in the bed with Miki and me, fitfully falling asleep wrapped around my little old dogs.  

I unearthed the dog stroller in the garage this morning even though Suzu was shakily able to stand in the grass. Both Suzu’s and Miki’s back legs have gotten progressively weaker, so they can barely make it around the block. After they peed on the walk, I bundled both dogs into the stroller. Suzu definitely was feeling peppier because she managed to throw herself out of the stroller, but Miki mostly enjoyed getting wheeled around in the dog chariot. 

I’m so thankful Suzu seems to feel better today because I was afraid that the end was imminent in the middle of the night. Neither she nor Miki appear to be in pain, but I always worry. Still this type of neurological episode implies Suzu is going downhill quickly. I just need to focus on loving her and building up my emotional reserves for when the time comes. 


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30 something year old animal rescuer, aspiring writer, and all around geek
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