Flogging Molly and the Potato Pirates — A Slightly Disappointing Show


I wanted to be excited to go see Flogging Molly on Thursday night at Stubb’s in downtown Austin. I felt sure it would be a fun, lively show with good music and lots of energy.  However, Austin struggled all week with thunderstorm warnings and flash flood prognostications, so I was twitchy and nervous all day at work on Thursday.  Would the threatened storms hit during the show? Would the dogs be okay if we had really severe weather while I was out? Was I going to be functional at work the next day after going to a show?

I’d already decided that I was not going to drink at the show simply because I have to get up quite early to make it to work.  I’d used my 45 minutes of overtime from the week to go in later than normal, but that just moved my wake up time from 4:30 to 5:15.  Whee.  I was afraid that adding alcohol to the mix would make me next to useless since I anticipated dancing and deafeningly loud sound.

I enjoyed the Potato Pirates set since I’d never heard metal using bagpipes before, but the venue was so packed that dance space was limited, and the muggy air made even standing outside uncomfortable.  I’d also made the mistake of wearing heels when my feet were already tender, so being a venue with no place to sit was painful.  However, I let myself bounce around to the music a little and just let the sound wash over me.

I began seeing lightning between Potato Pirates leaving the stage and Flogging Molly coming on, but I kept telling myself that it was probably bright lights from somewhere downtown hitting the cloud cover.  Combined with struggling to get close enough to the stage to see anything I was getting stressed, and the ache in my feet didn’t help my nerves. Getting elbowed in the back repeatedly by someone behind me ramped up my tension as well.

By the time Flogging Molly hit the stage I was convinced I just wanted to go home, but I also needed to hear the music I’d shown up for.  I held on until it started to pour…I don’t know if there’s a musician alive that I would stand outside in a thunderstorm for, I really don’t. Unfortunately, Stubb’s doesn’t allow people to linger in the outside covered areas for safety reasons, so I had to go all the way to the indoor venue if I didn’t want to get soaked.  I could hear the music, but I couldn’t see the stage at all.  Most of the ticket holders valiantly stayed outside, but given I just recovered from respiratory crud in April I was not risking it.  I tried venturing outdoors a few times, but the rain never let up completely.

Finally, the show was called a little before 10PM because the lightning had gotten close enough to be a real danger.  Kudos to Flogging Molly for at least trying to play their full set.  Hopefully, I’ll get a chance to see them again when the weather is less crappy, and I’m less worried about getting electrocuted, soaked, or otherwise injured by nature during the show.





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