Amazon Prime Currently Owns My Soul


A few weeks ago I gave in to the suggestion to try Amazon Prime 30 days for free when I had some items that I wanted quickly. Unfortunately, the item I needed most was sold by an outside store, but I did enjoy getting my new headphones with free two day shipping. I can’t see myself ever paying for Amazon Prime membership regularly, but I’m making sure I’m taking advantage of it while I’m on the free trial.

No, I’m not ordering stuff hand over fist; I’m streaming as many things I’ve wanted to watch but didn’t want to pay for as I can.  I’m currently working my way through Season 3 of the amazing Orphan Black and intend to check out some of the movies and Amazon exclusive series that are available.  I’ll use every second of my 30 days to enjoy BBC stuff that’s now only via Amazon and just appreciate having a plethora of options.  Admittedly I haven’t watched other stuff that I pay for like the Netflix DVD of Omega Man that showed up the first day of my trial, but it’s not a  huge loss. I’m enjoying some really great stuff right now, which is what matters most.

Now my feelings about Captain America: Civil War:  a lot of people really enjoyed this film, but I didn’t for a variety of reasons.  I don’t think it’s a bad film, but the pacing for the first half was painfully slow, even though I can’t think of a good place to cut material or change the focus. The other factors have little to do with the film: I have to get up at 4:30 for work, and I tried joining the wonderful Austin Geeks and Gamers group for a 7:30 showing of the film on a Friday night after a long work week.  My body crashed in the theater due to exhaustion and due to trying to wait until after the movie to go to dinner with the group.  Between the calorie crash and desperately needing to go to sleep long before the movie ended it wasn’t the best experience…and then I realized the theater seats weren’t very comfortable. I’ll try watching the movie again to see if that changes my feelings about it, but I don’t think my thoughts about the pacing will alter.  It still has some excellent moments, and the humour with Sam and Bucky was fabulous.  Go see it if you haven’t; it’s a solid Marvel film and will keep you reasonably entertained for the price of admission.






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