Squidbrains.net Unicorgi Kickstarter!


Jillian over at Squidbrains doesn’t seem to need my help with their Unicorgi Kickstarter since it’s over triple their goal, but I did promise them that I would happily talk about their adorable little plushies. I’m also a little late to the game since the Kickstarter opened on April 9 (runs through May 9 if you’d like to get in on the plush corgi goodness; I will definitely be backing when I have some extra cash).

Jillian is a freelance children’s book illustrator who likes to use her skills to create adorable critters and promote awareness and happiness through her art.  Just look at the little corgi face or the other adorable sketches on her website, and tell me you don’t feel better!

Aside from her portfolio and the current Kickstarter Jillian has an Etsy Shop with adorable items of all price ranges.  If you’re a lover of cute animals you need several items in her store (I have serious grabby hands right now)!

So support an indie artist and check out all of Jillian’s sites. The cute is great for children and adults alike!



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