Who Thought This Was a Good Idea?


Sadly, I wasn’t able to get a photo of the actual ghost holding a candy bowl that made my eyebrows fly up my forehead this morning. I was out walking my two geriatric dogs, and I spotted it against the inside wall of someone’s garage as we passed.  I struggled to stifle my giggles as I crossed the street to avoid a dog walker with a stroller because there is no way I wanted to explain to a stranger why I suddenly burst out into laughter.

The actual item is very similar to the Sam’s Club version pictured above in that it’s an upright ghost holding an item for a candy bowl.  However, Sam’s made a choice that the creators of my neighbors’ decoration failed to think about: the ghost I saw I had a mouth shaped into a beautifully round ‘O’ right below waist level on most adults…

Yes, my mind went there. I’m sure it’s a lovely display item if you don’t automatically jump to the perv explanation!

About jlscaife

30 something year old animal rescuer, aspiring writer, and all around geek
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