Watch ‘The Expanse’!


I try not to fall in love with TV series on SyFy because the station has a way of breaking my heart and cancelling them before the story gets brought to a satisfactory end (Alphas, I’m looking at you).  Therefore when a co-worker mentioned that I should check out the free pilot episode of SyFy’s new series, The Expanse, I was a little wary.  I’d seen the ads at the movie theater, and it looked schlocky plus if I liked it who was to say that it wouldn’t just disappear right as I began to care. Then one Sunday afternoon I had some free time and decided that it wouldn’t hurt to see just the first episode; it was streaming on Amazon Video at no cost, so what did I have to lose?

Shockingly I got drawn into the story and characters more quickly than I thought possible.  It’s not the best show I’ve seen by any means, but it’s intriguing, well-paced, and has plenty of stakes.  The diverse cast and intricate universe politics work, and I actually want to see how the plot moves forward from week to week.

I wasn’t shocked to find out the show is based off a series of books after seeing the first few episodes because novels often allow for more world building than just screen writing (not always mind you, but often). I purchased the first book in the series after Christmas, but I’m trying to avoid reading it until the first season is done.

If you enjoy SF, space adventures, and complex politics The Expanse will be right up your alley.  I’m enjoying it immensely so far even if it sometimes makes me wonder how dense some of the characters can be!






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