Raving about Golden Angel, Erotica Author


Before people read further into this post let me be very clear: Golden Angel is an erotica author specializing in BDSM and discipline storylines that just might not be everyone’s cup of tea.  If you find the idea of  BDSM disturbing or think that participants in kink are mentally unstable you definitely won’t enjoy Golden Angel’s writing, so it’s definitely best to skip to another one of my posts that you find more to your tastes.

As I revealed in my Ravishing Ruby review I enjoy a lot of kink in my BDSM stories, so when a friend recommended Golden Angel’s Venus Quartet to me I was intrigued.  The tale of a young woman exploring her darker desires and meeting the man (or men) of her dreams via a school to teach her how to embrace various aspects of sexuality.  Yes, it’s as silly a plot as it sounds, but Golden Angel manages to weave engaging sexual encounters together with likable characters in a way that made me actually care about their lives outside of the really hot, sometimes kinky sex.  However, I think I’m enjoying her sequel to The Venus Quartet,  The Stronghold Series,  even more than the first if that’s possible.  I love learning more about the various doms at Stronghold, a BDSM club where the various cast members gather to indulge their desires, and I can’t deny that Angel’s geek girl persona in Stronghold appealed to me from the get go.

Even if you love kink not everything in Golden Angel’s stories will appeal to you.  I have to admit that I found the obsession with anal to be a little much, and I have never had a desire to be in a menage a trois (although it does add some great conflict to one set of characters’ story).  I’ve learned that honour bondage is an interesting idea, but it’s just not as hot to me as actual bondage, and heroines who don’t know what they really want drive me batty (okay, I didn’t need BDSM erotica to make that clear to me…probably another reason I love Angel; she is no nonsense about what she wants and needs from a relationship). I haven’t tried any of her domestic discipline stories because I don’t know if it’s exactly my thing, but when I finish the whole Stronghold series I’ll probably at least give them a try.  She’s a solid writer who knows how to create fun, sexy tales, so it’s worth a try (it doesn’t hurt that she doesn’t charge ridiculous prices for her ebooks either!).

Besides being able to write steamy sex scenes Golden Angel is just a solid writer, too.  Yes, there are a few little errors in the manuscripts, but it’s nothing that jerked me out of the stories.  She has knowledge of basic grammar and punctuation and seems to comprehend that just stringing together a bunch of sex scenes doesn’t actually make a complete story.  There’s definite arcs to each of her books, and The Venus Quartet has an overarching plot for all four stories.  It helps that she knows that BDSM is not the same as abuse, and all the submissives retain agency in their encounters with their dominants.  It’s not used as an excuse for men to do horrible things to women in the name of being in charge.

I don’t want to really go into the plots for the books I’ve read so far because part of the fun is learning  where the story is going as you read while enjoying the wonderful smut! If you like various flavours of kink, enjoy fun romances where respect and agency between the characters is as important as the sexy times, and just want to enjoy a fantasy for a little while I can’t recommend Golden Angel’s works more highly.  Maybe some of the stuff I haven’t tried yet might crank your chain even more than the series I’m talking about here! If you do check out her stuff let me know!

Her website has loads more information on her writing and where to check it out!




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