Does two shows make me a metal head?


In the past month or so I’ve attended two shows at Austin 6th Street venue, Dirty Dog. I even broke my rules about making sure I get enough sleep on work nights and went to a Thursday night show that got me home past midnight last week.  There’s just something about the loud sound and pulsing rhythms of metal music that helps unwind the tension from work and regular life.

I don’t entirely fit in.  I tend to dress way girlier than most female metal fans, but since I wear jeans and T-shirts to work I want to feel like a woman when I’m out and about, which I don’t get by just throwing on jeans.  I made the mistake of wearing heeled boots to the Thursday night show, which left horrific blisters and pain in the bottoms of my feet by the end of the night, but they were incredibly cute!  I don’t mosh; I just don’t…I’m not comfortable enough with the idea to consider it and after taking an elbow to the chest and having my feet stomped on by a mosher who flew out of the main pit on Thursday I don’t think I could handle being in the mix!  I already have too many unexplainable bruises!

I let myself go and have fun and headbang or sway to the music though, which is what matters.  Am I a metal head? I don’t know if I fully can own that yet; I just know that sometimes I need metal when my mellower fare won’t soothe my soul.

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30 something year old animal rescuer, aspiring writer, and all around geek
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