Unit 44 Volume #1

My knowledge of Wes Locher goes back a long way since his series, Chambers, is one of the first that I reviewed in full for Fanboy Comics, so when he kindly gave me a copy of his new series, Unit 44, I was excited…then I realized I wasn’t coping very well with two of my dogs dying earlier in the year,  got a new job, dealt with a break up, had a depressive episode due to a variety of all of the above, so reading really took a backseat to trying to get my life under control.


I finally pried myself away from schlocky horror series and paranormal romance enough last week to read it, and I really should have tried it sooner!  It’s got the buddy cop element, wacky hijinks, and all sorts of eerie supernatural/alien stuff to help make me laugh hysterically.  The website describes the first issue as: “Area 51 employees, Agents Gibson and Hatch, forget to pay the rent on the facility’s off-site storage unit and the secret contents are sold to a pair of backwoods rednecks at public auction. Now the race is on for the agents to recover the items from the locker in order to stop an extraterrestrial threat.” Not only is this like a goofy X-files there’s elements of Storage Wars complete with nutty small town folks who have an innate distrust of the feds.

So…should you read this? ABSOLUTELY! The trade paperback compiling all four issues of the series is now available via Alterna Comics, so go over there and pick up either a print or digital copy.  It’s only $14.99…I need to get one myself to finish the adventures of the scatterbrained Hatch and Gibson!


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