Listen at Winflo with Casey McPherson and Drew Davis — September 19, 2015


It looks like the venue has some other great shows in the upcoming weeks, too (I know personally that Guy Forsyth is quite amazing!). Overall, I had a great time at the show even if the musicians’ sound was much mellower than I was hoping for (I’ve been listening to a lot of punk stuff lately, and both Casey and Drew cater to a less edgy musicality).  Getting to and from the darn venue was more adventure than I wanted though!

I thought I’d be smart and use a service to pre-pay for a parking spot in a garage near the Winflo Osteria.  Unfortunately, I had a hard time finding the garage, and when I did find it the attendant wouldn’t validate my mobile parking pass (on the plus side the service did refund my fee).  I’d found a pay lot while driving around looking for the garage though, so I was able to get a spot there.  However, the parking attendant at the second place kept trying to chat me up while I tried to get my debit card authorized to pay for my parking.  I’m sure he was trying to be friendly, but I’m not 22, it wasn’t my birthday, I’m not from LA, and I was rather cranky because I was afraid I’d be late for my show.  Google Maps ended up making me take a long circuitous route to get to the Winflo, which was way further west than I expected (I thought I’d be close enough to 6th St to maybe catch the end of the Rangers game at a bar, but I was past Whole Foods).  I scooted up to the restaurant/performance space just before 8PM, but fortunately things were running on Austin time, so Drew Davis hadn’t yet hit the stage when I got downstairs.

Both Drew Davis and Casey McPherson have phenomenal voices, and they have an easy stage presence in intimate venues. They chatted easily between songs and genuinely seemed to like interacting with the crowd.  The space was very small, but it made my standing room location be almost on the stage.  If you get the chance to hear either of these performers in a small setting do it! I’m probably going to try to see Drew with her full band at Kickbutt Coffee on Airport Blvd next Friday night, too.

The show ran a little long (closer to 10:30 than 10), but with the great performances no one was complaining.  However, I realized as I finally left the Winflo that my parking location was awfully far away from W 6th…and the road isn’t very well-lit that far away from downtown.  I was also wearing a corset and low cut top, so running anywhere probably wasn’t going to happen if I felt threatened.  Fortunately, I managed to latch onto a couple of young women heading towards the bars after a few blocks, so I felt less vulnerable, but it was definitely creepy to walk in the dark, silent area of W 6th all alone.  I’m just glad I didn’t get any alcohol at the show.  Next time I’ll have to either invite someone to come with me if I attend another Listen at Winflo show or find parking closer to the restaurant!

I lucked out that the dogs were feeling patient, and they were rewarded with walks around midnight after I got home.  Overall, the evening was a great success even if parking was a hassle, and I discovered that W 6th is far away from almost everything downtown!


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