Trying to Find My People


I’ve been struggling for the last several months to figure out who exactly my people might be as I push myself to explore things I’ve never tried or really done.  I’m realizing that my twenties, which are when most people explore themselves, were hemmed in by being a dog rescuer and an extremely busy dog owner plus working with my father subconsciously helped me stay in one place rather than branching out.

The sad part is that I’m realizing that the dog rescuer part of me is getting pushed to the wayside.  It’ll always be part of me, but it’s not the all-encompassing focus that it was even a few years ago.  However, I don’t exactly have one new place that fits either.  I’ve connected with people at punk rock shows, out dancing to 80’s music, playing board games, studying belly dance, and watching geeky movies.  I’ve become a reviewer of all sorts of geek media (comics, books, movies, etc), so there’s another tribe I can claim membership in if I so choose. Unfortunately, most of my members of that group are out of state, but we regularly connect online.  I want to meet them in person eventually.

I suspect that the next months or even year or so will be a time of trying things to see what works for me.  Not everything will be a great fit, but they’ll be experiences.  I just hope I’m happy with where the journey goes!


About jlscaife

30 something year old animal rescuer, aspiring writer, and all around geek
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