Clubbing with the 80’s


So…I went clubbing at local goth/alternative/punk club Elysium last night for their regular 80’s night event since I didn’t have to work today, and my belly dance class was cancelled due to the holiday weekend.  I’ve never been a big part of the club scene, but I wanted to dress up (sheer blouse, corset, plaid schoolgirl skirt, stockings, and Mary Jane heels) and go dance plus a friend had recommended the 8o’s nights as a fun time.

So…what did I like:

  • The music/music videos rocked! It was all sorts of fun 80’s tunes, and even though I didn’t know all of them they were easy to dance to, and I spent most of my two hours on the dance floor.
  • There were a couple of pinball machines when I headed towards the bar to get some water since I was sweating and overheated from dancing so long.  Pinball is fun, too, and I took a break to play a few games!
  • Overall, the crowd was really nice, and it was an eclectic mix of younger and older people with various types of fashion.
  • $4 cover? Okay, if I’d had the secret password before I arrived I could have gotten in free, but $4 isn’t a bad price at all, especially since I ended up not drinking.
  • A couple of strangers were willing to dance with me out on the floor, which was loads of fun.  Okay, they were both women, but sharing the fun energy was more important that hooking up.

What didn’t work as well for me:

  • I’m not that familiar with the parking areas near 6th/7th streets, so I ended up all the way at the City Hall Parking garage, which was a fifteen minute walk from Elysium.  This was a big factor in why I didn’t even have one beer since I knew I’d have to walk back to the garage alone, and I wanted to be fully aware of my surroundings.
  • It got really, really, really crowded as the evening went on, and I finally left after I was tired of being stepped on and hit by people who didn’t seem to comprehend that a cramped dance floor means you can’t take a huge space with your body movements.  I had one guy run into me three or four times in a row because he was trying to travel across the dance floor when we were packed in like sardines.
  • This goes hand in hand with the crowds, but people were sweating on me.  I understand it happening just because we were so close together, but it got irritating when it was because people just weren’t paying attention.  Also, it would have been nice to have better AC out on the dance floor.
  • I managed to rip the top of one of my stockings when I arrived at the club, which sucked.  It was high enough up that even my incredibly short skirt covered it, but I was bothered the entire night.

Overall, I will totally go back to Elysium again because it’s a fun venue for dancing, and it’s not a place that makes me worry about being there alone.  It would be more fun to have other people to dance with, but I’m okay marching to my own beat and dancing in my own space.  Here’s just hoping that they’ll have some Friday or Saturday night special events that appeal to me (I’m thinking the K-Pop night they do some Fridays might be fun), but I also want to hit live music shows and other events around town.


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