Trying to Stay on Top of Running


I got lazy about my running when I started my new job because I spent far more time on my feet than I had since working at Taco Bell as a teenager. I went through a time period where I had to get to work at 6:30, which made running before work a crazy idea, and I was so tired all of the time that I just couldn’t find the inspiration to get out and exercise.  But I missed the feel of moving my body and sweating and feeling the ground beneath my feet.  When the stresses in my work and personal life brought me to a breaking point I realized that one thing I desperately needed was to make myself start running again. It wasn’t going to fix everything, but at least I could use running to channel some of my whacked out emotions and energy into something positive.  Conversely being tired from physical work helps quiet the weird voices in our heads that give bad advice.

Patience runs a couple of miles with me twice a week again, and she’s not impressed with the change.  I go for a four-ish mile run on Sunday mornings alone since I can get a better workout by myself now (my physical abilities are actually higher than the dog’s at this point!). It hasn’t actually solved anything, but I can sense the calm and satisfaction every time I manage another run.  It’s not a solution for everything, but while I run my mind can clear, and I just am in the moment.  We all need that, and I’m glad I’ve found one way for me to tap into it.


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30 something year old animal rescuer, aspiring writer, and all around geek
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