Cafe Shimmy August 2015

I went out to the Cafe Shimmy show at Casa de Luz last night, and it was absolutely amazing. I got to see my instructor and her student troop perform the stuff I’d seen bits of in rehearsals before my beginner class as well as the other three Austin Bellydance instructors. Several other Austin belly dance performers showed up as well to bravely improv to music selected by the organizer, Najla!

The dancers for last night’s show were:
Lisa La Mar

Guests dancers:
Jamie Lynn
Liora plus a group of her Mayura Blue student troop
Angela Sparks
Lily & Bahaia

I wanted to tag all the photos with the dancer’s name, but my photos are not cooperating. Najla started (I wasn’t able to snag any photos), Jamie Lynn was second, I believe Liora and Mayura Blue were next, followed by Lisa, and then a dancer who’s name I didn’t catch (bad blogger!). Angela is the sword dancer, and Lily both danced alone and with Bahaia at the end. Liora and Mayura Blue had a second number about halfway through the program as well. As the only large group they’re easy to pick out.

Unfortunately, I sat in the third row since I didn’t intend to take photos, so my shots are not great (Jamie Lynn’s piece was particularly hard for me to get photos of hence the one really crappy pic). Try to ignore the heads and backs of the people in the first row using a real camera and not just a cell phone and enjoy the sparkly pretty!


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