Trying to Get Mail When You Work an 8-5!


I hate, hate, hate finding delivery tags on my door when I drag myself home from work at the end of the day. It’s not that I don’t want parcels (I love parcels!), but I know it’s going to be a major hassle to try to get said item due to working through the hours my local post office is open. The irony is that I work directly across the street from the central post office in Austin, but I don’t know of a way to get my mail transferred back from my branch office to the one I can easily get to during work hours (if anyone knows if this is an option, please let me know!). Inevitably my notices also contain the dreaded “If checked, you or your agent must be present at time of delivery to sign for item” ticked since the parcel lockers in my mailbox block have been re-keyed and are usable again.

Besides just managing to get my hands on the mail piece I’ve discovered that I get almost nothing I want via registered mail. I get legal documents that either depress me or just make me scratch my head most of the time. At this point I think that has trickled off, and while I do understand why legal forms need a signature upon receipt it’s still frustrating. Here’s just hoping that whatever I rescheduled to be delivered today is something I actually want and that my postal carrier can manage to deliver it as requested!


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