I Tried Belly Dance Today!


Admittedly, my outfit was not anywhere near that adorable (it mostly resembled by fashion disaster yoga clothes from last week, but I wore black shorts instead of the wonderfully eye searing blue ones). I discovered a drop in all levels belly dance class through the Austin Belly Dance Association MeetUp group, and it’s something I’d put on my list of things to try as a distraction from going too crazy.

I showed up thirty minutes before the class started, which turned out to be way too early since no one was at the studio! I wandered around the area a little bit, read some, texted and screwed around on my phone, and just worried that I’d read things wrong on the website. However, the instructor for this morning’s class, Liora, showed up promptly at 10:30 and opened the studio.

To my surprise and pleasure I ended up getting a private intro to belly dance class because I was the only person who showed up! I learned about things like hip and shoulder ups, moving my hips and shoulders back and forward and side to side, started working on shimmies and snake arms, and generally learned how to watch and make my body work as a single instrument. It was also very low stress since Liora was really friendly, and I didn’t have anyone else watching me.

Admittedly I’m feeling muscle strain in some odd parts of my body (the fronts of my shoulders, WTF?), but it was a lot of fun. I’ve purchased a class pass for Liora’s Sunday night beginner/intro class since a. it’s the one that fits best into my schedule b. I really enjoyed her as an instructor. If I continue with belly dance long term I’ll obviously need to work with other instructors, but right now I just want to enjoy doing something different from what I’ve always done. I’m just glad I was brave enough to give it a try.


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