Fun with Long Hair


The honest truth is that I keep my hair long because it’s cheaper. How might you ask? Doesn’t having long hair require time and copious amounts of hair products to keep the longer tresses shiny and clean? Sure, I do use more shampoo/conditioner and other hair products than someone with short hair, but I also only need to get my hair trimmed and cleaned up once or maybe twice a year. Given the exorbitant cost of going to a good stylist (I’m not knocking those $12 hair cut places, but they’re not places where you generally build the type of relationship I need to have you putting scissors on my hair) having an appointment every six to eight weeks was out of my price range when I moved out on my own, and having long hair has become so intrinsic to who I am that I’m not sure I’d feel myself with a shorter do again. I did have very short hair throughout college though, and it was a cute look. If my feelings change I definitely know what type of short hairstyle would suit me (even if my mother thinks it’s too short).


When I was working for Dad I usually just braided my hair, clipped it up in a bun, or put it in a pony tail. It just wasn’t fun to be creative when no one else was really going to see it. However, I’ve been upping my game now that I’m in an office with lots of people (okay, it’s mostly warehouse, but there are a ton more people than just Dad and myself). With short hair it’d be wash and go, but I do have to do something with long locks even if it’s just drying them (I do not recommend keeping your hair down in a warehouse…really I don’t). Coming up with creative styles has been fun, but I probably won’t keep it up indefinitely. I’ll find a few a really like and rotate through them simply because I don’t have unlimited time in the mornings; I’ve just been burning more of it than I should to make my hair interesting!


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