I’m Beginning to Understand the Frustrations of Chronic Pain Sufferers


I haven’t been diagnosed with fibromyalgia or any of the other ailments associated with chronic pain, but I have been struggling with varying levels of pain from injuries for several months. My plantar fasciitis has not completely resolved despite following the prescribed medication regimen, icing my foot regularly, and buying special insoles for my shoes, which frustrates me. I am going to slowly try adding running back to my exercise regimen since I miss it, but I know that serious distance running is not in my near future. Patience has been a good sport about not running, but she made it very clear that she is over the bike when she backed out of her harness a week ago. At least I like the bike, so the tune up wasn’t wasted.

The other chronic issue I’ve been fighting with is my right lower back. First, I hurt it last week sneezing when I was bent over, which is one of the craziest injuries ever. Icing my back helped relieve the pain enough to function, but I reinjured the same area getting a storm door out of the back of my mini-van on Tuesday (surprisingly my efforts dealing with the sliding glass door Monday night didn’t cause as much damage…or maybe it was cumulative). I ended up spending the day at home yesterday with pain killers and an ice pack. I did walk the dogs, but it was tiring enough that despite sleeping in I needed to lie down during the afternoon.

I definitely don’t have to deal with this sort of pain all the time, but I can sympathize better with the frustrations, anger, and depression of those who do. Yes, I got the dogs walked, but it was at the cost of not being good for much else the rest of the day. If I had children or a spouse who also needed attention I would have been screwed. If I’d had other errands that had to be done yesterday I would have had to choose between getting them done and walking the dogs since I only had enough stamina for one. Yes, I will eventually get over my fatigue and pain, but I hope I can remember what it’s like to feel exhausted from normal every day tasks. People with chronic pain aren’t lazy, unmotivated, or faking; they literally can’t do things sometimes because their reserves are tapped.


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30 something year old animal rescuer, aspiring writer, and all around geek
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