Coming in March 2015 from IF? Commix and Under-Belly Comics: The Bullet Girl TPB Complete Collection!

BULLET GAL_Its Not You Its Me_Collection_COVER

I’ve known Andrez Bergen for a while through my connection to Fanboy Comics although I read his novel, Who Is Killing the Great Capes of Heropa? while still just a fan. The honest truth is that I’m not a huge fan of noir, but Capes is one of those interesting blends of genres that managed to draw me in to the complex world. I heard about the Bullet Gal comics via Steven Alloway’s amazing FBC reviews, and it piqued my interest since it’s a sort of prequel to the events in Capes.

I was gifted a digital copy of the upcoming twelve issue trade paperback as a thank you for my support and enthusiasm for the series (aside from my FBC ties I helped spread the word about the Kickstarter for the series since I wasn’t in a position to financially contribute) plus Andrez and I share another bond, a love of Japan (although I have not considered moving there permanently or starting a family!) even if we are from different English speaking countries. You don’t need to know anything about Who Is Killing the Great Capes of Heropa? to enjoy Bullet Gal, but it’s even more fun to pair the two together. The story combines unique artwork with the quirky storytelling from the novel that makes the weird and wonderful world of Heropa really blossom.

I haven’t read the individual Bullet Gal issues, but allegedly the beautiful guest artwork is an extra for picking up the full TPB. It also includes a few extra stories and an interview with Bergen himself, so it’s definitely worth the cost of admission! If that’s not enough the single issues will not be released fully until June, so picking up the TPB gets you the full story sooner!

The exact publication date is not yet available, but the collection is expected to be released via Under-Belly Comics in the US in March 2015. If you love noir, quirky stories, interesting art styles, or just want to try something a little new with a pair of intriguing women (yes, two female characters who are distinctive although fit into the noir tropes a bit) I recommend giving The Bullet Gal Collection a try. There are much worse ways to spend an evening of your time.



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