It’s been another one of those weeks…

While I’ve spoken openly about dealing with Perdy’s probable cancer (she has three masses in her liver, one in her spleen, and one taking up half of her right kidney) on Facebook I hadn’t put anything here as if keeping it just to people who know me fairly well it would become less real.  It is almost certainly hemangiosarcoma, which means I’ll be losing another canine companion before summer most likely, and the realization hurts a lot.  I’ve adjusted my life to give Perdy as much as I can without risking Suzu’s happiness (they have to be kept separated, but at least it’s not as intense as the hatred between Akane and Perdy), and she gets to sleep with me three nights a week while Suzu is crated with a special treat.  Unfortunately, as Perdy has gotten more comfortable hogging the bed my sleep quality is diminishing, but she’s blissfully happy even if I and Miki, who ends up in weird little spots on the bed, are exhausted the next morning. On the plus side my big old girl seems pretty peppy right now, and she’s eating well and enjoying the “if you’ll eat it, and it won’t kill you immediately you can have it” diet (Patience, who is still on her elimination diet, is intensely jealous).

There was also the weirdness with my wire transfer to pay off my second mortgage that just got resolved today. I’m ashamed to admit I was not terribly nice to a customer service representative although I did refrain from yelling, and I never use curse words with them. I just don’t handle money screw ups well, and something was clearly weird on the payee end (I checked my paperwork from my bank, and the info was all correct, so who knows what I failed to sacrifice to the gods of mortgage payments to cause the first mistake).

To add to my stresses I managed to badly bruise my left heel at some point over the weekend, so I can’t even run to burn the negative energy.


I’ve researched online, and the best thing I can do is lightly massage my foot and rest. I’ve been having weird foot pains for a while, but I thought it was just because I needed to get a new pair of running shoes. Apparently, I was trying to see if I could seriously fracture something in my foot. I’m doing my best on the resting although the dogs are still getting walks, which does help some, but I miss the muscle burn from a really good distance run. I know I have to let my foot heal to avoid serious problems in the near future, so I’ll force myself to pace myself. I just hope that my weekly yoga can provide a little of the burn I need to lift the stress of hospice care and general fussiness over the wacky weather.


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