Austin Runnners, Check Out Ready to Run on Far West!


For Christmas my dad decided he wanted to buy me a new pair of running shoes since he and Mom want to be supportive of my casual running and racing (they’re just thrilled that one daughter doesn’t have horribly restrictive health issues). Given the cost of decent running shoes I jumped on the offer, but I asked Dad to do some research to find a good place to purchase shoes. Using GoogleFu he stumbled across Ready to Run, a small store on Far West Boulevard that the former employees of Run Tex (another local running store that unfortunately went bankrupt) started to keep their passion alive. It turned out to be an awesome experience!

Ryan, the store manager/point man, treated me incredibly well and listened to what I had to say about my running habits. I don’t look like a “typical” runner, but I never felt like I was being looked down on for being a casual runner who only has done shorter races. After measuring my feet Ryan also had me both walk and jog for him on a little track in store, so he could analyze my gait and how my body moves. He pinpointed something I suspected but only called “weak ankles;” my ankles tend to turn inward when I walk or run, which explains the huge calluses I have always had on my big toes! He pulled several styles that would support my ankles, but nothing was a given until he saw me move in them again. I also got a free pair of wicking socks with the purchase, which is awesome. Dad ended up buying a pair of shoes for foot/back support when he showed up to pay for my gift, and he thinks both my mom and sister would benefit from the help fitting shoes well to help protect body integrity. We were both really impressed with the friendliness and professionalism of Ryan and the store!

The store also carries a selection of running clothing, various gear such as water bottles and visibility lights for running in the dark, and a selection of protein/energy bars and gels for longer races. If you’re looking for somewhere in Austin to buy your running gear I highly recommend Ready to Run! All levels of runners are made welcome, and the personalized service will help match you with the absolute best pair of shoes for your needs.


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