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I am touched and stunned by the massive outpouring of love and support I received after Akane’s death last week, and I simply want to show all of you how much I appreciate the kind words. So many people that I know both personally and professionally took the time to reach out and let me know that they sympathized with my loss and pain. I have never met many of you in person or even interacted with you anywhere other than online, but you took time out of your lives to let me know you were there and thinking of me. Dr. Tracey, one of the vets Akane saw over the years, even called yesterday just to see how I was doing. Thank you so much.

I especially want to mention Nicholas Diak, a relatively recent friend I met via Fanboy Comics. He checked in with me every day after Akane’s death to see how I was feeling and to try telling me funny stories to help me get through the day. We only know each other from Facebook, so it really means a lot that he cares enough to try to make me feel a little better.

I usually would do a year in review post for my blog, but I’m choosing to go dark for the rest of the year. I’m managing, but I need time for myself to heal my wounds a little plus while this year has held some amazing things it’s held a lot of pain as well (Akane is not the only loss I faced this year although the other painful one was a shelter dog I couldn’t adopt for many reasons). I don’t feel centered enough to probe those emotions, so I’m choosing to not force myself to do so. Hopefully, by the turn of the year I’ll be much steadier emotionally, and I’ll be geared up to start an amazing job placement after my temp agency interview on December 29!


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