Unintentionally Hilarious Holiday Displays

It’s the time of year where you can guess which houses probably have children still at home by the quantity of decorations and lights displayed in the front yard. Sure, some adults adore decorating for the winter holidays (I am not one of them), but outdoor displays are usually a sign of children still believing in Santa. In the past five or ten years inflatable displays seem to have become common because they’re easy to set up and take down and don’t require hours of detangling. However, the inflatables can have unfortunate problems, which combined with other items are unintentionally hilarious.

Funny Xmas Display

Given that Texas barely distinguishes between fall and winter I can’t fault the homeowners for not moving the pumpkins inside before setting up the Frosty sign, even if the juxtaposition makes me giggle. The funniest part about this display is what we can’t see: the Frosty inflatable. The first time I came by the house while walking dogs Frosty had taken a nosedive into the bushes as if he’d been out partying a little too hard the night before. Funny! By the time I made it by with my phone he’d deflated behind the bushes as if hiding in shame for his ribald partying.

Unfortunately, I missed my chance to get a photo of the other offender on my list because the homeowners must have realized what I had seen every time I walked by (maybe they just got tired of me pointing and laughing every time I passed their house), and they replaced the Santa and Rudolph inflatable with a much cooler but also less darkly funny North Pole band with drumming penguin. Santa and Rudolph are classics of pre-fab Christmas displays, so what was so crazy about this one? The inflatable Santa and Rudolph only partially filled either due to a leak or a problem with the motor on the air machine. As a result Rudolph’s legs splayed out to either side and his head kinked back at an awkward angle while Santa’s hand was on the little red-nosed reindeer’s head. If you had a twisted mind like me it looked like inflatable Santa was breaking Rudolph’s neck. With the biker Santa on the other side of the driveway this household presented a much tougher, darker image of Santa than is currently popular! For the record Biker Santa is still out partying with the band.

The runner up for wacky holiday displays isn’t out yet this year. Maybe the homeowners realized the skiing polar bear looked more like he was dropping a deuce on the slopes. One can hope!


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4 Responses to Unintentionally Hilarious Holiday Displays

  1. This is a great blog post but I’m sort of mourning the loss of a picture of that second one. It sounds like nightmare fuel, sure, but I think it would be worth it!

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