Thoughts on ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1’


Based on the box office numbers I wasn’t the only one heading out for the third installment in The Hunger Games movies this past weekend. At 10:30AM on a Sunday morning (yay for Cinemark early bird $6.75 tickets) the theater was full but not crowded, and I was blessed with a considerate audience who refrained from speaking loudly during the quieter scenes. I even heard mothers shushing their children as the previews began rolling (although the ages of some of the kids in the theater was a touch questionable in my opinion). The previews were, well, a bit odd…I completely expected the Divergent: Insurgent trailer and given that Elizabeth Banks is in both The Hunger Games movies and Pitch Perfect the ad for Pitch Perfect 2 kind of made sense. However, why are movie studios marketing the third Night at the Museum movie to Mockingjay. I’ve heard they’re fun, entertaining movies, but I don’t think it’s quite the same audience…

How to describe Mockingjay Part 1 itself? IMPACTFUL. When I first read the book I was frustrated by the slower pace and war games, but seeing it on the screen brought tears to my eyes on more than one occasion (that said I was crying earlier in the day because I thought my older dog have accidents in the house during terrible weather meant the end was nigh, so I might not be the best emotional barometer for the feels in the film). Meeting Paylor in District 8 and the added scenes of rebellion in Districts Five and Seven really shook me to the core. The books stay inside Katniss’ head, so readers don’t know what’s happening outside of District Thirteen; Francis Lawrence showed us his vision of the uprising, and I, for one, was deeply affected.

The final scenes left me shaken to the core, and I’m so glad I know how the story will finally end. If I had to wait another year to know the resolution I think my heart would have broken. Mockingjay Part 1 has totally upped the stakes in the story, and it’s moved the film making away from bread, circuses, and love triangles. I think this is the strongest addition to the series so far, even if the idea of watching it repeatedly makes me want to curl up in my bed and sink into oblivion.


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