First Race in a While

I slowed down (read as completely stopped) participating in races over the summer months because my body hates the heat and humidity of Austin summers. While I run with Patience or alone between around 5:30AM and 8AM most races don’t start until 8AM, which makes my innards want to shrivel up. However, because my dad is a prostate cancer survivor he convinced me to register in the ZERO Prostate Cancer Run/Walk this coming Saturday, October 18. Part of the deal was that he would do the one mile survivor walk, so we would be participating together. Ironically, Dad never got around to registering during the time he suggested I participate. I had to complete his registration three days ago when he couldn’t make the site work! At least Dad cared enough to ask for my help when the page wouldn’t load on his work computer…


I’m both excited and nervous about this weekend even though I know I can complete a 5K without too many difficulties. I wasn’t doing yoga when I did the races last spring, so I didn’t have the extra work on my muscles. It’s also been several months since I did a run later in the morning (for me 9 is kind of late!). On the plus side Austin has been having cooler, dryer mornings, so even with a 9AM start time the weather should be ideal for a nice run. I also know the course since the Stars and Stripes race in May was also at Camp Mabry, so I know how I should pace (there’s a hill right in the middle that you have to run up, turn around and go back down immediately).

My only real goal for this race is to stay under 30 minutes again (if I could do it in May I should be able to do it now). I’m not a serious enough runner to be concerned about placing in the top three; I just want to try to go for a personal best. Besides I get another nifty T-shirt as part of my registration fee!


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