An Oldy But Goody: My 2009 Spider-Woman Impression

Many of you will recognize this post from the Zootoo contest, but there are a few lucky individuals who were not privy to my grand fence climbing adventure.  I thought it would be worthwhile to share it again to prove that last week’s back injury was hardly the stupidest thing I have ever done. At least yard work is something necessary when you live in a house!

“Long story short…I locked myself out of the house while walking the dogs this morning and had to climb the fence to get inside to grab the key (I leave the backdoor unlocked in case of such an emergency, but the back gate is locked to prevent idjits from accidentally letting the dogs out).

The details…Perdita, my dobie x, is very aggressive towards children plus she’s already broken two hands-free leashes (I use them for running/jogging with her), so I rigged up a mountain climbing harness with two leashes. Being a moron, it never occurred to me that I should remove said jerry-rigged device when climbing the fence after I tethered Miki and Perdy.  The chain leash got stuck on the fence along with a portion of my sweatpants, and I somehow ended up hanging upside down in a bad Spiderman impression on the backside of my fence (thank goodness it was dark!). I somehow managed to pull myself up on the fence to unhook both the leash and the pants, but I did bad things to my butt muscles on my right side. However, yes, mountain climbing harnesses really can support your weight! I’m not huge, but I’m hardly a tiny girl! I didn’t realize until much later that I also ripped a hole in my sweat pants. Crud.”

Years later I have ripped dog walking clothes in far less exciting ways such as tripping and falling or flat out wearing out the fabric.  However, just imagine someone hanging backwards over a fence with their foot hooked onto the top by a chain leash and chunk of sweats while one largish dog and one medium dog stare up in anticipation.  I’m sure I was quite the sight!

The participants:

Perdy Miki and Jewelery April 9 001Me After Cap10K finish







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