The Joys of Back Pain

Blog Picture Sept 11 2014


I managed to badly wrench my back Monday evening while hand edging the grass and removing the rose bush in front of my fence, so I haven’t done anything terribly interesting since then.  When you wake up and can barely walk but insist on going on a run and walking the dogs, that’s a special type of stubborn.  I now have a deeper relationship with my chiropractor and am learning to love icing my back several times a night.

Obviously this has infringed quite a bit on my exercise and dog walking since I get tired more quickly thanks to the damaged muscles.  It took me about an hour and a half to get everyone walked this morning instead of an hour although that was partially because the big girls had to settle for a walk and no running.

I have to skip yoga this week per the chiropractor, which makes me sad.  I really enjoy the class, and I’ve gotten to know the other regulars.  However, I can’t deny that doing twisty things with my back and lower body would NOT be in my best interest this week.  The two mile run with my twinging muscles and nearly immobile right leg was enough extreme sports, thank you!

Akane seems to have perked up after last week’s sad post although she insists on chewing her flanks to pieces (she’s given herself the beginnings of two hot spots.)  Hopefully, my sister will get me the Advantage I requested (she gets a discount for working at PetsMart, so it’s a great help if I have her buy expensive stuff and just pay her back) today since that may help with some of the old girl’s itchiness given that I found one flea on her last Sunday.

Basically we are all getting along even if Akane and I are gimping it up and the others wonder why we’re not as perky as usual.




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