The End of An Era is Coming

Before I get into the kind of depressing, existential part of this image heavy post, I learned last week that a major customer of my dad’s business will be closing next summer (probably…they’ve thought they were being shut down before). What this means is I really have to find another job. For a variety of reasons I’m mainly testing the waters right now, but in January the job search will have to kick into high gear. I’ve worked with Dad for fourteen years, and while I don’t always love the work I do appreciate the flexibility of my hours. If anyone here’s of a decent paying job in North Austin (hoping to kill the commute hopefully) let me know. My main experience is in admin type stuff, but I also am comfortable with international and domestic shipping with UPS and FedEx, can use the Schedule B, and am comfortable filing AES online for international shipments. Of course, I’m also willing to train for something a little different from my previous jobs, too!

Now on for my self-involved pity party…

All of the photos below of Akane are from several years ago (we’re talking 2008/2009) when she was younger and stronger. Don’t get me wrong; she’s still her sassy, loud, opinionated cattledog self, but she’s not bounced back from her neck injury the way that I hoped.

Lots of dogs 044

Her back end and legs have been too weak to jump onto furniture of late, and she barks at me to be lifted onto the bed at night instead of being able to jump up. Yesterday morning Akane’s back legs went out underneath her twice on our walk, which both startled her and caused her to stare at the offending limbs with irritation.

Dogs and Cats June 27 2013 001

She turns fifteen this month, so I know she’s not a young dog, but no one wants to think about their pets not living forever, even when they’re difficult beasties who complicate life.

Dogs and Cats January 1 013

Yesterday I realized that Akane is fading. She’s mentally still there, but her body is beginning to fail. Weak back legs aren’t the end, but they’re a sign. I don’t know how much longer I’ll have with my cranky girl, but I can sense that a clock is clearly ticking.

Dogs and Cats February 27 022

Akane’s not sick (at least she wasn’t back in July when she had her neck injury), so there’s no set timeline or anything I can do for her other than to keep her as happy as possible. Things may change, and I could have a few more years with a fragile, crabby dog while the other oldsters may go first. All I can do is love them for the time they have left with me.


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One Response to The End of An Era is Coming

  1. Jess Wilson says:

    I’m sorry Jodi. I know Akane is a huge part of your life. She has kept you on your toes for all this time and I know she will let you know when it’s time.

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