Trying to Bring a Little Lightheartedness to a Sad Week

Earlier this week I thought about making a post about depression or my feelings surrounding Robin Williams’ death. I also experienced mild side effects from restarting a B complex supplement and learned that a dog I had worked with in my volunteer work at a local shelter had bolted his adopters’ front door and was hit by a car and died. However, talking about these things extensively would just put more sadness into the Internet world, and I don’t think I’m helping anyone by dumping online rather than talking privately with friends.

So…despite my saying at the beginning that I’m trying to not use this as a pet story blog I’m going to share an amusing and annoying story from last night because it’s just downright funny.

The star of this short tale is:


Akane, my nearly fifteen year old ACDx.

We’ve moved on since her release from cage rest on July 25 although Empress Aka still wants to be lifted onto Mommy’s bed since her aging back legs don’t jump so well (I have dog stairs, but my animals act like they’re some sort of insult), and I’ve discovered that I can usually get Akane to pee if I carry her outside and make her stand in the grass (fewer accidents in the bedroom while Perdy is out!).

Around 7PM last night Akane began barking at me while I watched TV in the living room. I ignored her because my beloved oldest canine barks for any number of reasons including she wants cookies, she wants my attention, she wants something she thinks one of the other dogs has, she wants up on the love seat, she’s exhaling, etc. I managed to momentarily distract Her Estimable Queen of the Universe by brushing her itchy flanks until she tried to attack my hand/the brush (have I ever told you how lovely Aka’s personality can be?), but she began barking when I understandably stopped touching her.

“Just wait for this episode to be over,” I bargained, assuming that Akane was bugging me for the food puzzle and cookie she gets around 7:30 when Perdy comes out and the little girls are confined. The Fuzzy Evilness wandered off towards the sofa under the windows, and I thought that I’d momentarily won. Movement near Suzu’s crate drew my eyes away from the TV, and in horror I saw Akane carefully climb onto Suzu’s prized dog bed (not the new one, just one she likes in the living room), shoot me a withering, challenging look, and deliberately squat and pee all over the dog bed!

I jumped into action, grabbing Aka and rushing out to the backyard in case her tiny, geriatric bladder had anything else to release. Apparently, my actions triggered relaxation of Aka’s sphincter muscles because she promptly pooped four times within seconds of hitting the ground. Keep in mind that at NO point during her tirade did Aka go near the back door! Apparently, Mommy is meant to be psychic in all the languages of the animals especially Bakaese…

Thank goodness for decently sized washing machines and gallon containers of Nature’s Miracle!


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30 something year old animal rescuer, aspiring writer, and all around geek
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