A Slight Departure from the Usual Topics


My life has been pretty complicated for the past several weeks due to Akane, the dog above, being on four weeks of cage/crate rest after somehow injuring her neck. We are down to about a week left, and she and I are both ready for release from our new routine, although Akane does like getting individual walks around the block.

The first week was easily the worst because the Prednisone had Akane waking me every two hours to be lifted off the bed (she will bark all night if she doesn’t have access to me, so I got permission to leash her to me and let her sleep on the bed) and carried outside to pee. My inability to get any real connected amount of sleep had me fizzling out badly during the day plus Akane was fidgety and cranky as well (gotta love steroids, but I had them on hand, so they’re what my vet prescribed). I’ve also discovered that Akane won’t eat her Honest Kitchen food at night when she’s crated, which involves blocking off the living room with a baby gate while Aka’s in the x-pen, so Perdy doesn’t have access to her during meal time (they have to be kept separated due to aggression issues). Of course, plain kibble is fine in the crate, but it doesn’t hide the various pills and supplements as well as dehydrated food.

The first week I had to do laundry every day between Perdy’s and Aka’s newish incontinence issues, but we’re getting things under control there as well. It’s a blessing to not have to run the washing machine every night when I get home from work.

When I let Perdy be loose in the main part of the house I’ve been moving the x-pen into my room, so Aka doesn’t bark the entire time that I’m gone (which she does when crated) and has access to water and a place to pee if necessary. It’s not loads of fun to drag it back and forth, but if it keeps the patient more mellow it’s worth it.

At the same time I’m ready to get my living room back and pushing the love seat away from the table in front of the fireplace (former foster dog broke the door, so it’s not usable anyway). I’m ready to not have to walk Akane outside every time she needs to pee and not having to loop a leash around my wrist at night, so I’m alerted if Aka moves. I know she’s ready, too, so we’re both marking the days of the final week eagerly. Freedom is so close!


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