Unpatriotic? Why I Hate The 4th of July

Apparently, the new WordPress set up ate my entire post. Grrr.

The two days of the year I loathe more than any others are New Year’s Eve and the Fourth of July. While other more carefree folks see the days as an opportunity for parties, barbecues, fireworks, and carousing I hide battened down in my house with music or TV blaring hoping that my dogs will make it through yet another year without psychological damage.

Akane, my oldest dog, gets aggressively loud during thunder and fireworks, which stresses everyone else out. Suzuka and Miki, the next eldest, express their worry through odd clingy behaviour (standing on, climbing on, or almost trying to get inside Mommy’s skin) or if I’m not home, by climbing in the bath tubs (at least they’d be safe in case of a tornado?) or even attempting to cram themselves into bathroom cabinets. The bigger dogs, Perdy and Patience, don’t seem to be as concerned with the noise although I often try melatonin or mild sedatives for Perdy since she is separated and can’t be physically comforted easily. Truthfully, I think we all mostly hate either event because Akane is yet again singing the war song of her people (she sings the war song of her people a LOT; someone must have told her that Australian cattledogs used to go into battle before she joined our household, and my dear dubiously intelligent old lady believed them).

The cats could care less about outside noise; as long as there is nothing wet or otherwise unpleasant coming in they do not care. I’m incredibly grateful for this because pilling a cat is up there with getting Akane to stop singing her people’s war songs in danger and difficulty.

My frustration with New Year’s and the Fourth goes much deeper than keeping my animals calm though. Living in Texas drought is an ever present issue, and after the horrific Bastrop fires most of us are twitchy about flames. However, we all have “that neighbor” who thinks his or her gawd given right to set things on fire and explode them trumps everyone else’s desire to not have to dial 911. Personal fireworks (professional shows are still okay) are banned in Austin city limits (primarily because it’s easier to have a flat ban rather than say bottle rockets and aerials), but I always have someone who needs to ring in the new year or celebrate the birth of our country with beer and open flames. I’ll just be huddled inside my house with one eye peering through the glass hoping that the music isn’t too loud if I need to call 911.


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