Prepping for My Second Race: Hydration

I have my second race coming up on Monday, and I’m trying to apply some of the things I learned about my abilities in the Cap 10K to this new run. The Stars and Stripes is only a 5K race, but Texas summer is looming, so I know I’ll have a much harder time with this run than something I might try in mid-winter. At least I know not to wear a sweatshirt even if we do have rain!

The biggest thing I took from the Cap10K though was the importance of hydration. I began flagging earlier than I should have because I passed the first water station. This time I will bring my own sports bottle like the one pictured below to make sure I can get water when I need it.


I had to dig through my stash of water bottles to find one that didn’t have just a flat cap, but the one I found is currently waiting for the next dishwasher load to get cleaned out. I’ll have to carry it while I run, but it’s no more difficult than holding a leash while running, and the water’s a lot more useful. I’ll see if this makes a noticeable difference on the Camp Mabry course on Monday.


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