My One Collectible Weakness: Help Requested Edition


I am not a collectible person. I’ve never understood the fun of having things that you don’t do anything with probably because my main weakness is books, which are highly interactive. However, when my grandmother died I inherited her collection of dog figurines because Grandpa felt that as a rescuer and dog lover I could appreciate them better than my siblings or my parents (Dad is an only child, so there wasn’t a huge pool of relatives to choose from). I was thrilled to receive them because I’d adored playing with the fragile dogs when we visited Michigan, and there are years of memories behind each piece. However, it didn’t seem right to just have my grandma’s dogs; I needed to add some of my own to keep the tradition.

My friend Bernita loves thrifting, and she’s provided me with most of the new dogs in the collection. I think her shopping trips have provided me with at least 20 new figurines, and they’re in surprisingly good condition. They’re not valuable, but she does a great job finding a variety of breeds. We haven’t been able to find information about one series of figurines she’s found in several places: Icing’s Dogs of the World series. I tried contacting Claire’s directly to find out how many are in the collection, and they only said that since it was an old collection they no longer had info. I tried Googling them and even searching eBay, and I can’t find anything! I currently have six or seven Dogs of the World, but how many more are out there?

I leave my readers with a question: have you ever seen these before, and do you have any idea how many were created in total? If I have an idea Bernita and I know how many more to keep looking for at thrift shops in both Texas and Arizona.


About jlscaife

30 something year old animal rescuer, aspiring writer, and all around geek
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