Bound to Happen Sooner or Later

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I won’t deny that I’m not a graceful runner. I will never be one of those willowy women who seem to float across the pavement as they zip past pedestrians. At least 95% of my ability is based on sheer willpower, and the other 5% is building up muscle strength over time. I’ve tripped more times than I can count, and it’s a shock that I haven’t been injured more (once I sort of blacked out, which caused the trip/fall and hit my head). I’d been doing really well with my new regime, but today it finally happened. Yup, I was tired, wool gathering, and Patience was being weird with the waist leash, so I hit a raised patch of sidewalk and fell.

Amazingly, the injuries aren’t too bad this time: scraped palms, a scrape below my left knee cap, and a little bruising. I’m mainly upset that I ripped a hole in my relatively new running pants although they’ll still work (the lining inside running pants is a wonderful thing). I assumed that I hadn’t injured myself worse because I just wasn’t running very fast when I fell, but surprisingly, my pace never went above 9 minutes per mile the entire 10K.

Okay, here’s the crazy part: I tripped and fell about 3K into my 10K run, and I still managed an average pace of around 8 minutes 22 seconds per mile. I definitely couldn’t have done that a year ago, and I’m shocked that I pulled it off this morning. Then again a year ago I couldn’t have imagined regularly running a 10K with Patience. I did change up the route a little, which ended up making the terrain a little less intense, but still I’m impressed that my stubbornness has done something good for my fitness and strength. I’ll have to be careful until the knee heels, and I’d planned a slightly shorter run on Sunday anyway, but I should be back before I know it. I just need to keep lowering my potassium levels and let my body do what it needs to heal.

I meant to have a photo of my hands to show how minor the injuries are, but my email account ate it. Enjoy the replay of my iPod!


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