Phantom Canyon from Pendant Productions — Original Wild West/Horror Audio Drama!


After many months of teasing Pendant Productions has finally released their short original audio drama, Phantom Canyon. Pendant is known for their wide variety of podcasts and audio fun, but this is their first foray into a project that brings in a little money to help keep the ship afloat. The project stars many staples of the Pendant Audio universe including Fanboy Comics own Barbra Dillon as Clara!

It’s hard to describe the plot of Phantom Canyon without giving too much away, and the mystery is really what creates the creepy, crawly, eerie feeling of the story. Sam, played by long term Pendant actor Pete Milan, is a blacksmith who left the small town where he learned his trade due to disappointment and disillusionment. However, when he and his apprentice, Edwin (Phil Dawson), receive news that something isn’t right, Sam swallows his pride to go back and try to protect those people he still cares about. What is Sam going to find in the cold Colorado mountains, and can he heal old wounds by going back to the mine that smashed his youthful dreams? The answers lie in Phantom Canyon!

As always Pendant Productions has pulled together an amazing cast, and the production values are fantastic. I particularly appreciated the subtle and evocative soundtrack throughout the entire 2 1/2 hour tale. It is especially notable that Phantom Canyon is the first Wild West type project for most of the actors and creators since accents, mood music, and dialogue flowed together so well that it seems as if the team had worked together for years on these types of stories.

Reviews on the show have called it sweet, sad, and scary all in one, and I have to agree. My main proof of its excellence is that I listened to the entire thing in almost one sitting because I had to know how everything would be resolved.

So basically, I’m saying support Pendant and buy this amazing audio drama! It’s only $6.95 at Audible, iTunes, and Amazon, and it will be some of the most riveting 2 1/2 hours you and your ears will share!


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