Not Quite a Review of Fanboy Comics’ The Arcs

The Arcs

I’m not going to actually review Fanboy Comics’ latest offering, The Arcs for a variety of reasons. The biggest one is that as a contributor to the website, which I openly admit throughout the web, I know I can’t be completely objective. While I don’t know the primary creative team for The Arcs personally I do have a good relationship with the FBC publishing crew. I’m also a little embarrassed that I rushed to purchase the graphic novel when it was first released, but I kept forgetting I had it sitting in my massive stack of to be read hard copies of books. However, when I finally got around to reading it I found myself sucked in and looking forward to future installments.

Unlike the previous FBC original graphic novels The Arcs is less atmospheric and more action based with more active plot lines. It’s still darker and grittier than a lot of comics, but the focus is wider since there are multiple archangels (Arcs) who have integral roles. I personally found the alternate religious interpretation similar to what Japanese manga-ka Kaori Yuki did with her highly popular series, Angel Sanctuary (without the overt incest that played a massive role in AS) even though the two works are vastly different in their depictions of the war between Darkness and Light in the human world. However, not all fans of Angel Sanctuary will love The Arcs; the art definitely isn’t pandering to those who want their angels to be breathtakingly beautiful.

The production value in the printing is amazing, and again I must gush about the nice glossy pages (can you tell I sort of have a thing for fancy paper?). The only slight oddity with my copy is that I received duplicates of the last four to six pages. Obviously, this is just a binding error, and, hey, I got the entire story, so I’m not going to complain. It’s far better than the textbook I purchased in college that was missing fifty pages in the middle.

Essentially I’m using this blog to say if you don’t mind a non-traditional take on archangels, angels, and demons and enjoy more adult comic storylines check out The Arcs. It manages to be weighty and entertaining all at once, and I hope to see the story continued in the future.


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