Whining about “Hex”


The Netflix description of the 2004 British teen drama Hex sounded like it would be right up my alley:

Always dreaming of fitting in, shy boarding-school student Cassie Hughes finds her life turned upside down when she learns that she’s descended from an ancient clan of supernatural witches in this Gothic television drama.

Unfortunately, the most I can say about the actual show is that a young Michael Fassbender plays a significant role plus the actor who is Klaus in The Vampire Diaries and The Originals shows up in a few episodes. My major gripe is that the story doesn’t really explore much about Cassie’s witch heritage; instead it focuses on lots of teenage hook ups that may or may not have any effect on the main plot. There is a lot of confusing stuff related to voodoo in the past and one of Cassie’s ancestor’s committing suicide on the property, but none of it is adequately explored or explained. When the story seems to find its primary focus (the relationship between Cassie and Azazeal)it rushes through the details, and I was left scratching my head as to the why and wherefore of anything.

The really frustrating part about Hex though is that the entire series isn’t available in the US. Only ten episodes are available on DVD, and, in a weird twist, only eight of the ten appear to be the primary story line around Cassie given that she dies at the end of episode eight. The remaining two episodes are barely tied to the original plot, and the new lead characters aren’t as engaging as Cassie, who was only marginally interesting anyway.

Maybe I’ve just gotten too old for this type of show, but in my opinion, Hex is proof that not all British TV shows are worth watching.


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